Summer 2022 Newsletter

(Sep 21, 2022)

Since first being elected, I have been a progressive voice in the House of Representatives and will always advocate for commonsense solutions to complicated matters. It has been a difficult few years in our country, and Harrisburg is no different. As we come out of the pandemic, we are facing the challenges of workforce shortages, supply chain issues, and the rising cost of almost everything. Read more


Briggs welcomes $89,893 grant for West Norriton Centennial Park upgrades

(Sep 20, 2022)

“I am pleased to see a responsible investment in the quality of our waterways,” Briggs said. “I have been personally involved in stream restoration and ensuring a clean water supply since I began my tenure as a state representative. This project is essential to the health of Indian Run and the ecosystems around it.” Read more


Briggs applauds $227,000 grant for Mackenzie Park

(Sep 08, 2022)

“By investing in our local parks, we are not only improving our surroundings, but we are also improving the quality of life of our citizens,” said Briggs. “I want to thank Governor Wolf, the state DCNR, and everyone who helped make this investment possible.” Read more


Briggs Applauds PA Marijuana Pardon Project

(Sep 01, 2022)

Something as harmless as a minor possession charge should not be holding anyone back from obtaining a job, house, or volunteer opportunity. Most Pennsylvanian’s don’t even think it should be illegal in the first place, let alone a reason to prevent people from bettering themselves. Read more


Mail-in voting law upheld

(Aug 05, 2022)

This week, the state Supreme Court upheld Pennsylvania's mail-in voting law, Act 77, after a group of Republican lawmakers sued, saying that the 2019 legislation was unconstitutional. Read more


Property Tax and Rent Rebate Applicants Will Get Bonus from Budget

(Aug 02, 2022)

A program that has been instrumental in helping Pennsylvanians stay in their homes as their income flattens has been giving a significant boost in the new state budget. Read more


Abortion access is threatened by last-minute constitutional amendment

(Jul 09, 2022)

I am offended by the opposing party’s actions. It is a blatant misuse of the majority’s power, a shameful dereliction of duty, and an attack on the rights of Pennsylvanians. Read more


GOP lawmakers block assault-style gun ban for those under 21 | AP News

(Jun 21, 2022)

“This isn’t the way to legislate,” Rep. Tim Briggs of Montgomery County, the ranking Democrat on Judiciary, said Tuesday. “We shouldn’t have to do discharge resolutions on bills that are 70, 80% popular across the commonwealth.” Read more


Briggs: Pennsylvanians’ Lives are Valuable

(Jun 14, 2022)

Pennsylvania House Judiciary Chairman Tim Briggs said that it’s clear that the Judiciary Committee’s majority chairman remains indifferent to the trauma caused by the gun violence that is impacting communities around the commonwealth. The Committee’s action today to “punt” on real consideration of meaningful gun safety reform is consistent with the chairman’s longstanding pledge to obstruct any effort to stem gun violence in Pennsylvania or act on gun safety legislation. Families and communities will continue to suffer until the Republican majority decides Pennsylvanian lives are more valuable than the support and praise from the gun lobby. Read more


Winter 2022 Newsletter

(Jun 13, 2022)

Pennsylvania has a budget surplus that should be used as a pathway to future success for millions of PA residents. The state’s Rainy Day Fund is now larger than it has been at any time during my tenure, and we can opt to choose opportunity over status quo. Read more


Briggs announces $780K in funding for Upper Merion improvements

(Apr 21, 2022)

“This much-needed project will address stormwater runoff and stormwater management issues because of the need for a complete replacement of the culvert along Brownlie Road,” Briggs said. “Infrastructure improvements are vital, especially those that address stormwater management because of the damage and danger they can cause to property, roads, vehicles and, ultimately, residents.” Read more


State lawmakers announce $230K investment for middle school educational program

(Apr 20, 2022)

“This program takes the proactive steps of providing children with the knowledge and information they need in order to make wise decisions and avoid danger while on their way to school or while traveling with friends and family throughout the community,” Briggs said. “It’s a program designed to help increase safety and decrease the likelihood of a tragedy happening in our neighborhoods.” Read more


Regional household hazardous waste events, registration required

(Apr 19, 2022)

Find the complete listing of Regional Hazardous Household Waste Events in southeastern PA. Read more


Montco household hazardous waste collection events in 2022

(Apr 19, 2022)

Find a list of the upcoming events for household hazardous waste collection sites in our area. Read more


Shred event April 23: List of accepted items

(Apr 19, 2022)

Find a complete list of accepted items for the shred event happening from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, April 23 Read more


Briggs announces more than $217K in grants to protect nonprofits from violence, terrorist acts

(Apr 14, 2022)

“Started in 2019, the year after the mass shooting at a synagogue in Squirrel Hill that resulted in the murder of 11 innocent people, the Nonprofit Security Grant Program releases funds to improve security at nonprofits that are at high risk of terrorist or violent attacks,” Briggs said. “Sadly, in today’s political climate, these funds are needed to protect our citizens’ rights guaranteed in the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. I’m pleased to see funds being used to support and protect the freedom of religion.” Read more


US Senate: Letter asking President Biden to limit junk plans

(Feb 28, 2022)

Now is the time to issue new regulations limiting the sale and availability of short-term, limited-duration insurance (STLDI) plans, also known as “junk plans” because of their failure to provide adequate coverage. Read more


Briggs supports budget that invests in education

(Feb 08, 2022)

“The governor highlighted the need for the state to properly fund the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education, which has been – and remains – a reliable pathway to higher education and a better way of life for the children of working-class and middle-class parents,” said Briggs, who is a graduate of West Chester University and serves on the PASSHE Board of Governors. Read more


Kinsey seeks solutions for problems in Pa. prison system

(Jan 26, 2022)

HARRISBURG, Jan. 26 – State Rep. Stephen Kinsey, D-Phila., held a news conference today with House and Senate colleagues and prison-reform advocates to discuss legislation to help address systemic problems in Pennsylvania’s prison system. Kinsey was joined by House Minority Leader Joanna McClinton, D-Phila., House Minority Whip Jordan Harris, D-Phila., state Reps. Amen Brown, Danilo Burgos, Joe Hohenstein, Darisha Parker and Brian Sims, all D-Phila.; Tim Briggs, Napoleon Nelson, Ben Sanchez and Joe Webster, all D-Montgomery; Bob Brooks, R-Westmoreland/Allegheny; Gina Curry, D-Delaware; Manuel Guzman, D-Berks; Dianne Herrin, D-Chester; Carol Hill-Evans, D-York; Patty Kim, D-Dauphin; Emily Kinkead, D-Allegheny; Maureen Madden, D-Monroe; Melissa Shusterman, D-Chester/Montgomery; and Regina Young, D-Delaware/Phila.; along with state Sen. Sharif Street, D-Phila. and Anton Andrew from PA Prison Society. “Right now, in Pennsylvania and the entire United States, we have a prison system that does not work,” Kinsey said. “We must pass legislation to reform this system, so that those incarcerated have a chance to live dignified lives when they’re serving their sentence and when they’ve completed it.” The lawmakers are seeking enactment of several bills that would improve the prison system for incarcerated people and their families as well as save taxpayer dollars, including: Probation and Parole Reform: Earned Compliance Read more


Judiciary Committee Newsletter 2021

(Dec 13, 2021)

News from the House Judiciary Committee Read more