Burns: Several state grant opportunities available with November, December deadlines

EBENSBURG, Nov. 6 – Municipalities, school districts, organizations and businesses should take note of a variety of competitive state grant programs with open application windows now through December, state Rep. Frank Burns announced.

For several years, Burns, D-Cambria, said he has consistently provided state grant information to eligible entities and will continue to encourage them to apply as a way to have more tax dollars returned to communities.

“So far this year, these state grants have provided over $19 million to assist Cambria County in a variety of ways, from road repairs, to helping our schools with security needs and repairs, and to assist local businesses,” Burns said. “I strongly encourage anyone who believes they may be eligible to submit an application to reach out to my office for assistance, because you will never know until you try.”

Burns said Charlie Vizzini, who is serving as an interim grant-writing liaison in his Ebensburg office, can be reached at (814) 472-8021 to provide information and help in applying for the following grants:

Department of Environmental Protection: West Nile Virus County Grants

Eligibility:  A county authority (health department, conservation district, emergency management, county planning or another county agency) that was awarded a West Nile Virus grant in 2019.

Use:  To perform mosquito pest management activities.

Application Deadline:  November 15

More Information: Click on https://www.pabulletin.com/secure/data/vol49/49-41/1520.html.

Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry/PA Department of Education: Teacher in the Workplace – Targeted Grants

Eligibility: School districts, career & technical centers, intermediate units, charter schools, and cyber charter schools in partnership with Local Workforce Development Boards and businesses. School entities are the lead applicant.

Use: To provide workplace professional development opportunities for K-12 educators and to create or expand career readiness opportunities for students, such as internships. Targeted grants are intended for schools new to the Teacher in the Workplace experience or that have limited career readiness experiences available to students.

Funds: Up to $25,000

Application Deadline: November 20

More Information: Click https://www.dli.pa.gov/Businesses/Workforce-Development/grants/Documents/TIW.pdf.

Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture: Agriculture and Youth Organization Grant Program

Eligibility: Agriculture and youth organizations, such as FFA, 4-H, Ag in the Classroom, the Family, Career and Community Leaders of America, and vocational education programs. Schools and school districts may also apply on behalf of an agriculture and youth organization.

Use: Educational programs, workforce development programs, seminars and field trips, agricultural safety training programs, capital projects, equipment purchases, and projects approved by the board.

Funds: Non-matching reimbursement grants up to $7,500. For eligible capital projects and equipment purchases, matching reimbursement grants (50% match) up to $25,000.

Application Deadline: November 29

More Information: Click https://www.agriculture.pa.gov/Pages/Ag-and-Youth-Grant-Program.aspx.

Department of Agriculture: Specialty Crop Block Grant Program

Eligibility: State and local organizations, producer associations, academia, community-based organizations, and other stakeholders.

Use:  To promote high-priority specialty crops (hemp, hardwoods, honey, hops; also barley, rye, and wheat for distilling, brewing, and malting) through projects like child and adult nutrition education, participation in international standard setting bodies, improving efficiency of distribution systems, good manufacturing and handling practices, research, development of seed varieties, and pest and disease control.

Funds: $460,000 will be distributed in total, with 6.2% going to low income rural areas and 3.8% going to low income urban areas.

Application Deadline:  Concept papers due December 2

More Information: Click on https://www.agriculture.pa.gov/Pages/Specialty-Crop-Block-Grant-Program.aspx.


PA Commission on Crime & Delinquency: PA Academic and Career/Technical Training (PACTT) Grant Program for Juvenile Offenders

Eligibility: Privately-operated residential facilities, community-based providers, and juvenile probation offices.

Use: To improve services for delinquent youth receiving academic and career/technical training to help them catch up and succeed in school. A goal of the grant is to become a PACTT affiliate, which enables eligibility for future funding.

Funds: Grants of up to $20,000.

Application Deadline:  December 2

More Information: Click on https://www.pccdegrants.pa.gov/Egrants/Public/OpenAnnouncements.aspx and choose “2019-20 PACTT Competitive Funding Announcement.”

Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry/PA Department of Education: Teacher in the Workplace – Advancing Grants

Eligibility: Local Workforce Development Boards, who will serve as the lead applicant, in partnership with the following eligible entities: school districts, career & technical centers, intermediate units, charter schools, cyber charter schools, businesses, chambers of commerce, trade associations, labor organizations, community-based organizations, post-secondary institutions, public libraries, and economic development entities.

Use: To provide sustained partnerships between educators and businesses, as well as strong curriculum integration.

Funds: Up to $50,000.  Up to $125,000 if partnering with a school serving under-served or disadvantaged students.

Application Deadline: December 23

More Information: Click https://www.dli.pa.gov/Businesses/Workforce-Development/grants/Documents/TIW.pdf.