Rep. Dave Delloso's Biography

State Representative Dave Delloso was elected as the state representative for the 162nd Legislative District in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in November 2018.

A lifelong resident of Delaware County, Dave has served as the president and principal officer for Teamsters 312 for the past 10 years. Working for his union, he saw first-hand how families were suffering under stagnant wages and increasing tax burdens while giant corporations didn’t pay their fair share.

Dave is fighting to give back power to regular people by:

  • Forcing the ultra-wealthy and giant corporations to pay their fair share
  • Protecting and growing Delaware County-based small businesses
  • Developing better Delaware County schools
  • Lowering property taxes
  • Instituting a $15/hour minimum wage
  • Ensuring affordable health care for everyone
  • Increasing middle-class and blue-collar wages
  • Enacting tougher gun control laws
  • Ensuring Pre-K for every child in PA

Dave lives with his wife and children in the 162nd district.