PennDOT awards $9.8 million to replace Sellers Avenue Bridge

RIDLEY PARK, May 5 – The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation announced that it will break ground on a $9.8 million transportation project in Ridley Park this spring, according to Rep. David Delloso.

The $9,831,574 contract will replace the Sellers Avenue bridge superstructure in Ridley Park Borough, Delaware County with installation of a 75-foot-long concrete box beam bridge with two 12-foot travel lanes and sidewalks on both sides, raise the roadway profile between three and four feet and reroute the catenary system that supplies electricity to the railway system.

The bridge connects downtown Ridley Park Borough to residential communities in Delaware County.

“This project seeks to create a safe, efficient crossing for all modes of transportation,” Delloso said. “By investing in our infrastructure, we can help people safely and easily travel from downtown Ridley Park Borough to residential communities in the surrounding area, whether they walk or drive.”

PennDOT expects construction to begin in spring 2023 with construction work completed in summer 2027. In addition to the bridge, the project will include a temporary pedestrian bridge located northeast of the existing bridge to ensure pedestrians can safely commute during the early stages of the project. The project is being financed with federal transportation funds.

The contractor on the project is Road-Con, Inc. of West Chester, Chester County.