Green Safe Community Grant bill approved by Judiciary Committee

HARRISBURG, June 29 – The Pennsylvania House Judiciary Committee held a voting meeting Tuesday, where it reported House Bill 1130 out of committee and to the House floor.

This legislation would establish the Safe Communities Grant Program administered by the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency to provide grant funding to communities to install lighting and security cameras around schools, playgrounds, community centers and high crime areas.

The legislation also would add a $10 fee to be paid by applicants for a license to carry a firearm that will go toward funding the program.

“Violent crime is harming our communities here in Pennsylvania, and it’s time we take some innovative steps toward curbing it,” state Rep. Roni Green, the bill’s sponsor, said. “There’s robust evidence that taking care of the physical space — fixing broken windows and doors, trimming yards — and putting up lights and cameras in previously dimly lit public spaces helps to reduce violent crime in areas experiencing high crime rates.

“This program will help communities in Pennsylvania afford to put in lights and cameras that will deter criminals and is a part of our commitment to the commonwealth’s residents to make the state a safe place to live.”