Green applauds New Jersey raising Minimum Wage above $15

(Sep 28, 2023)

HARRISBURG, Sept. 27 – State Rep. Roni Green, D-Phila., said she is excited for the working people of New Jersey following the recent announcement that the minimum wage in that state would increase to $15.13 per hour effective Jan. 1, 2024. “If they can do it across the Delaware, we can do it here,” Green said. “We need to be proactive about raising wages here in Pennsylvania; otherwise, our neighboring states will leave us further behind as their economies grow and strengthen. Working people deserve a fair wage, and raising the minimum wage is the first step toward that end.” As a longtime labor organizer and proponent of increasing the minimum wage in Pennsylvania, Green has supported legislation that would increase the minimum wage in Pennsylvania, such as that which the House passed in June. Green said she hopes Senate Republicans do the right thing, take up H.B. 1500 , and give more than 1 million Pennsylvanians a pay raise. Read more


Philadelphia House Delegation advancing eviction reform

(Aug 30, 2023)

PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 30 – In response to a series of violent incidents involving landlord-tenant officers taking place in the city, members of the Philadelphia House Delegation today said the organization has been working hand in hand with the House Housing and Community Development Committee to help end the practice of private contractors performing eviction services. As part of this collaboration, both organizations held a public hearing Tuesday in the Philadelphia City Council Chambers on proposed reforms regarding landlord and tenant officers and evictions. Rep. Morgan Cephas, chair of the Philadelphia House Delegation, explained that a vital concern is that the eviction services are executed by people without the proper training, and carrying guns. “Moving forward there needs to be accountability and transparency with an agency that is responsible to the citizens of Philadelphia,” Cephas said. “We are determined to take this task away from the unaccountable, private entities. “We respect the need for landlords to run their business and receive their payments in a timely manner. However, the need for compassionate, respectful interaction with tenants was made obvious in the hearing,” she added. Rep. Mike Sturla, chair of the PA House Housing and Community Development Committee, highlighted that when it comes to housing it is important to look at the Read more



(Aug 23, 2023)

PROGRAMS NOW OPEN FOR APPLICATIONS: Pennsylvania Department of Economic Development: Keystone Communities Program Who May Apply : Units of local government, redevelopment and/or housing authorities, nonprofit organizations to include economic development organizations, housing corporations, etc., community development corporations, business improvement districts, neighborhood improvement districts, and similar organizations incorporated as authorities. Use : Multiple uses, including: Planning grants (address a particular need or circumstance within a community, undertake a study relevant to an identified need, or study the results of implementing a specific activity) Implementation grants (assist designated KC program communities in implementing critical components of their approved Five-Year Strategy) Façade grants (to stimulate private investment in properties, foster an attractive environment, and preserve the architectural heritage of properties and communities. The grant funds may be used for primary street-facing, exterior building improvements in a defined target area of a downtown or neighborhood such as storefront signs, exterior façade painting, design assistance, etc.) Development grants (available to fund a variety of physical improvements, see program guidelines for full list) Public improvement grants (available to assist communities in a variety of development projects to help Read more


PA House passes legislation to create Safe Communities Grant Program

(Jul 07, 2023)

HARRISBURG, July 7 – A bill ( H.B. 1130 ) sponsored by state Rep. Roni Green, D-Phila., which would create the Safe Communities Grant Program passed the Pennsylvania House of Representatives today by a vote of 102-101. The legislation would establish the Safe Communities Grant Program within the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency, which would provide grant funding to communities to install lighting and security cameras around schools, playgrounds, community centers, and high crime areas. “By passing this bill, we are embracing an evidence-based approach to reducing violent crime in Pennsylvania,” Green said. “Studies have shown that taking care of the physical space in which we live — something as simple as cutting the grass or putting up lights — can have a positive effect on reducing violent crime. “This program will light up dimly lit public spaces and make criminals think twice about committing crime. We want a safe commonwealth for all Pennsylvanians, and this is a program that will help us achieve that goal.” The bill now goes to the Pennsylvania Senate for consideration. Read more


Green Safe Community Grant bill approved by Judiciary Committee

(Jun 29, 2023)

HARRISBURG, June 29 – The Pennsylvania House Judiciary Committee held a voting meeting Tuesday, where it reported House Bill 1130 out of committee and to the House floor. This legislation would establish the Safe Communities Grant Program administered by the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency to provide grant funding to communities to install lighting and security cameras around schools, playgrounds, community centers and high crime areas. The legislation also would add a $10 fee to be paid by applicants for a license to carry a firearm that will go toward funding the program. “Violent crime is harming our communities here in Pennsylvania, and it’s time we take some innovative steps toward curbing it,” state Rep. Roni Green, the bill’s sponsor, said. “There’s robust evidence that taking care of the physical space — fixing broken windows and doors, trimming yards — and putting up lights and cameras in previously dimly lit public spaces helps to reduce violent crime in areas experiencing high crime rates. “This program will help communities in Pennsylvania afford to put in lights and cameras that will deter criminals and is a part of our commitment to the commonwealth’s residents to make the state a safe place to live.” Read more


Green releases statement on passage of minimum wage bill

(Jun 21, 2023)

HARRISBURG, June 21 – State Rep. Roni Green, D-Phila., said the House’s passage of legislation ( H.B. 1500 ) that would increase the minimum wage in Pennsylvania was a step in the right direction but there’s more work to be done. “I want to take a moment to acknowledge the work labor, labor organizations like the SEIU and activists put in, tapping into the overwhelming public support for raising the minimum wage in Pennsylvania,” Green said. “We got it passed in the House with help from their advocacy. This bill is not my ideal version of minimum wage legislation, but it is a start, and it will help more than a million Pennsylvanians who will see a pay increase should it be signed into law. And that is the most important thing to keep in mind: this will help working people and strengthen the commonwealth’s economy.” This legislation would increase the minimum wage in Pennsylvania to: $11 per hour on Jan. 1, 2024. $13 per hour on Jan. 1, 2025. $15 per hour on Jan. 1, 2026. The bill would provide for annual cost-of-living increases beginning in 2027 and would also set the minimum wage for tipped workers at 60% of the hourly minimum wage. The bill now moves to the Senate for consideration. Read more


Green Votes to #RaiseTheWage

(Jun 13, 2023)

As a lifelong supporter of workers rights, Pa. state Rep. Roni Green voices her support for a long overdue raise in the state's minimum wage. In a House Labor & Industry Committee meeting, Green called out the fear mongering of the House GOP, calling for a living wage so that hard working Pennsylvanians can support themselves and their families. Read more


Hearing details support needed for career and technical education

(Apr 12, 2023)

“A college education is not the perfect fit or even a possibility for every student,” said Rep. Roni Green, who hosted the hearing. “I am a product and living proof of that reality, having graduated from Dobbins Technical School, and I can honestly say the education and skills I learned in technical education have helped me throughout my life.” Read more


With Democratic House majority, advocates hopeful progressive policy goals will become law

(Apr 05, 2023)

At a Democratic Policy Committee hearing Monday on state Rep. Roni Green’s, D-Philadelphia, proposal to increase the minimum wage in Pennsylvania to $18 an hour, lawmakers heard from a home health care worker and a Harrisburg coffee shop owner about the need for and benefits of paying a livable minimum wage. Read more


Green: Lighting Upgrades are Just the Beginning

(Apr 03, 2023)

Pa. state Rep. Roni Green joined state Senator Vincent Hughes to present a check for $89,860 to the East Falls Development Corporation. The funds are earmarked for lighting improvements along Ridge Avenue in the East Falls area of Philadelphia. Green says this is the first phase in a larger plan to improve the area. Read more


Representatives, testifiers advocate to Raise the Wage

(Mar 27, 2023)

“We are here to fight on behalf of workers, and – I think I can speak for my colleagues here today – we will not stop until we get it done,” said hearing host Rep. Roni Green from Philadelphia. “The old cliché holds true, a happy worker is a productive worker. We can do better, we must do better.” Read more


Green announces almost $2.5 million for local projects

(Mar 16, 2023)

“I’m excited to see the state taking seriously its commitment to investing in infrastructure and community services statewide and in Philadelphia,” Green said. Read more


Green named to four House committees, says she’s excited to get to work

(Mar 09, 2023)

HARRISBURG, March 9 – State Rep. Roni Green, D-Phila., said she is honored and ready to get to work after being named to the Labor and Industry, Housing and Community Development, Human Services and Agriculture and Rural Affairs committees. “As a long-time labor organizer, I have spent a significant portion of my life thinking about labor issues and fighting for worker rights, so it only seems right that I continue to do so in Harrisburg on the Labor and Industry Committee,” Green said. “I am honored to have been selected to serve on the Labor and Industry, Housing and Community Development, Human Services and Agriculture and Rural Affairs committees.” Green said it is her intention to go into each committee meeting with an open mind and a solid foundation of beliefs, and to always advocate for what is best for the people of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The Labor and Industry Committee works with legislation dealing with issues like the state’s minimum wage, unemployment compensation, workers’ compensation and more. Green has proposed legislation this session that would raise the state’s minimum wage to $18 an hour. The Housing and Community Development Committee handles bills pertaining to cities and addresses important issues such as affordable housing, blight, redevelopment and growth. It also oversees the Philadelphia Parking Authority. Read more


Green: Shapiro Budget Proposal is a Great Start

(Mar 08, 2023)

Pa. state Rep. Roni Green says she agrees with much of what Governor Josh Shapiro laid out in his first budget address. From fair funding for schools to increasing resources to fight crime, Green applauds the new Governor’s efforts and is excited to get to work on passing a budget for the people. Read more


Green takes oath of office

(Jan 03, 2023)

HARRISBURG, Jan. 3 – State Rep. Roni Green, D-Phila., took the oath of office in the state Capitol today to begin her term representing the 190th Legislative District, which comprises parts of west and north Philadelphia. The noon swearing-in ceremony marked the beginning of the 2023-24 session of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. Green also will serve as the vice chair of the Philadelphia Delegation’s Labor Subcommittee. Green said her priorities during the term will be raising the minimum wage and fighting for a living wage, securing full funding for the School District of Philadelphia to adequately renovate school buildings and remove possible toxic exposure, tackling increased childcare costs and grappling with gun violence in Philadelphia through legislation and life-skills programs. “It is an honor to represent the people of Philadelphia,” Green said. “We have phenomenal organizations doing great work in the 190th, and while I’m in Harrisburg legislatively, I will also bring resources back to the district so they can be successful in their work. We are proud communities in the 190th, working together for the betterment of every person.” Green’s office can help with a variety of state-related services, including home heating assistance, children’s health insurance, prescription drug and Property Tax/Rent Rebate assistance. Residents Read more


Green Helping Neighbors at MANNA

(Dec 21, 2022)

Pa. state Rep.-elect Roni Green rolls up her sleeves to help the Metropolitan Area Neighborhood Nutrition Alliance (MANNA) bring proper nutrition to those in need. Green says that food insecurity and lack of access to healthy foods is a big problem, especially in Black and brown neighborhoods where rates of diabetes and heart disease are high. She looks forward to working with MANNA to provide better health outcomes through better nutrition. Read more


Philadelphia House Delegation unveils three new subcommittees

(Dec 21, 2022)

PHILADELPHIA, Dec. 21 – The Philadelphia House Delegation today announced the launch of a new subcommittee structure aimed to amplify the efforts and mission of the delegation in three specific areas of work. The delegation now includes as part of its components The Philadelphia House Delegation Labor Subcommittee, the Philadelphia House Delegation Policy Subcommittee and the Philadelphia House Delegation Intergovernmental Affairs Subcommittee. Delegation Chair Rep. Morgan Cephas explains that the organization is experiencing a crucial reform that will translate to a boost across a broad spectrum of focus areas of their work. “We are all very excited and looking forward to the agendas of these subcommittees. It has never been more urgent to fulfill our mission as a delegation, as the voice of Philadelphia in the House,” Cephas said. “I must highlight that these groups are strategically led by an impeccable team of lawmakers who have made great strides in each of these territories.” Rep. Elizabeth Fiedler and Rep.-elect Roni Green have been designated chair and vice chair, respectively, of the Philadelphia House Delegation Labor Subcommittee. This group will evaluate legislation related to unions, the right to form a union, worker power, union membership and other matters relating to organized labor in the commonwealth. Fiedler has been a champion for labor Read more


McClinton applauds, welcomes newest members to House Democratic Caucus

(Dec 08, 2022)

HARRISBURG, Dec. 7 – To kick off the new legislative session, Pennsylvania House Democratic Caucus Majority Leader Joanna McClinton, D-Phila./Delaware, is welcoming the largest class of incoming legislators to the House Democratic Caucus in more than 15 years. “In January, the House Democratic Caucus will proudly swear in the largest and most diverse class of freshmen legislators in over a decade,” said McClinton, D-Phila./Delaware. “These public servants are already on the ground in their communities, talking to neighbors, and prepared to be their voices in Harrisburg next month. Without a doubt, they will strengthen our legislature with their diverse experience and perspectives.” House Democrats will welcome 26 new members from communities across the state; some from districts that have never before been represented by a Democrat. New members include: Anthony Bellmon (D-Phila.) : Bellmon served in Philadelphia Congressman Brendan F. Boyle’s office for eight years, solving housing, student loan and immigration issues. As senior adviser to the congressman, Anthony worked on Capitol Hill advancing policy issues to better the lives of children and working families. Lisa A. Borowski (D-Delaware) : Borowski formerly served as vice president of the Radnor Township School District’s school board, leading the way on crafting one of the Read more


State programs now open for applications

(Dec 05, 2022)

Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency/Pennsylvania Department of Human Services: Pennsylvania Academic and Career/Technical Training Innovative Solicitation (Funding Source: Justice Reinvestment Fund) Who May Apply : Existing PACTT Affiliates. Use : To improve services for delinquent youth receiving academic and career/technical training services. Funds : Awards up to $75,000 for 24-month projects. Application Deadline : December 23, 2022 More Information : Click on . Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission: Clean Vessel Act (CVA) Pumpout Grant Program (Funding Source: Federal Funding) Who May Apply : Local governmental entities and private businesses that own and operate boating facilities. Use : To fund the construction, renovation, and maintenance of pumpout and dump stations to service pleasure boats. Funds : Reimburse up to 75% of the installation cost of pumpout and dump stations. Application Deadline : December 30, 2022 More Information : Click on . Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency: 2022-23 School Safety and Security Training and Technical Assistance Program (Funding Source: FY 2022 School Safety and Security Grant Program Fund) Who May Apply : Non-profit organizations, institutions of higher education (not-for profit), and for-profit organizations. Use : To Read more


Need help heating your home? Apply to LIHEAP this winter.

(Dec 04, 2022)

Pennsylvanians in need of energy assistance are encouraged to apply to the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) for 2022-2023 winter heating season. To see if you qualify, view the table via the link above, and click here to apply online using COMPASS. A paper application can also be found here . Everyone should be able to keep warm during the coldest months of the year, and LIHEAP is a true security blanket for those who are in need. Read more