Rep. Roni Green's Biography

G. Roni Green was elected to represent the 190th Legislative District in 2022. Prior to her election she served as a community and labor organizer for more than 30 years, most recently as a business agent for SEIU Local 668. She led a local civic association to improve the communities in which she lives and has been a lifelong activist for all working people in Philadelphia and beyond. She also serves as a Democratic committeewoman.

Green started her career as a human services caseworker with the Glendale County Assistance Office, working for nearly two decades to ensure that Philadelphia’s most vulnerable residents had access to a path out of poverty. Her experience has deeply informed her understanding of the systemic causes of economic, social and political inequality.

As a state representative, Green’s priorities include fighting for workers’ rights, affordable housing to preserve neighborhoods and ensure that every working family has a home, sensible gun reform to combat the gun violence epidemic, equitable community and economic development that provides opportunities to all, and criminal justice reform with a focus on ending mass incarceration.

Green previously represented the 190th Legislative District, having been elected in a special election in February of 2020 and serving through Nov. 30, 2020.