Uncommon Fall in PA

(Oct 15, 2021)

Five tips for an Uncommon Fall from visitPA. Read more


Women’s Health Caucus applauds efforts to improve outcomes for women returning to their lives following incarceration

(Oct 14, 2021)

HARRISBURG, Oct. 14 – Members of the Pennsylvania Women’s Health Caucus applauded Pennsylvania First Lady Frances Wolf for organizing a virtual discussion Wednesday to discuss the unique needs of women who are incarcerated and those leaving prison and returning to their families and communities. The virtual discussion among formerly incarcerated women, corrections professionals, reentry experts and advocates focused on the challenges that women face while incarcerated and during reentry, how the needs of these women are currently being met, and how the criminal justice system can improve to better serve them. Women’s Health Caucus co-chairs Rep. Morgan Cephas, D-Phila., Rep. Mary Jo Daley, D-Montgomery, Sen. Judy Schwank, D-Berks, and Sen. Amanda Cappelletti, D-Delaware/Montgomery, said the respectful treatment of women while in prison and when they are reentering society is a priority for the caucus and its legislative agenda. Over the span of three decades Pennsylvania has seen a significant increase in the number of incarcerated women. “We appreciate the efforts and commitment of First Lady Frances Wolf for understanding that there is a necessity to address the needs and concerns of incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women in our state,” Cephas said. “Conversations like this can and should lead to better public policy and the enactment of legislation to help prevent negative mental Read more


Reps. Daley, Malagari, Sanchez announce $100K grant for Hedwig House

(Oct 06, 2021)

“The last few years have shown that the need for adequate, compassionate mental health services is real and must continue to be invested in and expanded upon,” said Daley, D-Montgomery. “I am proud to have played a role in obtaining this funding and will pursue every avenue available to reduce the stigma surrounding discussions of mental health, while ensuring those who need these vital services are able to access them.” Read more


Reps. Daley, Malagari announce $896K grant for school buses

(Sep 29, 2021)

“I am thrilled to have received this influx in funding for the 148th Legislative District as we continue to proactively reduce our carbon footprint,” Daley said. “Investments in clean-running vehicles get us one step closer to our overall goal of a future where clean energy, in all forms, usurps the use of fossil fuels. I look forward to bringing more state funding to my district that expands and hones upon the idea of clean energy.” Read more


Daley: Protecting All Children

(Sep 21, 2021)

Pa. state Rep. Mary Jo Daley knows that the mask mandate in schools was enacted in order to slow the spread of COVID-19 and save lives. She says that kids are ready to get back to school, but not every child can get vaccinated. In order to keep all children safe, she supports the mask mandate and encourages everyone who can to get vaccinated. Read more


Women’s Health Caucus condemns Texas’ ban on abortion

(Sep 02, 2021)

Members of the Women’s Health Caucus said they want to remind Pennsylvanians that, while they are standing in solidarity with those negatively impacted by the new Texas law, abortion remains legal in Pennsylvania, and Gov. Wolf has guaranteed a veto if any restrictive legislation reaches his desk. Read more


Hurricane Ida updates and resources

(Sep 02, 2021)

Find information specific to your municipality for help with Ida recovery. Read more


The Daley News: August 2021 edition

(Aug 31, 2021)

Latest news on COVID-19, federal unemployment, women's health, redistricting, and more. Read more


Federal Pandemic Unemployment Benefit Programs Ending Sept. 4

(Aug 25, 2021)

Job search assistance and non-unemployment assistance is available to help those in need. Read more


Women’s Health Caucus applauds DHS’s commitment to maternal health

(Aug 05, 2021)

“This extension of care will certainly be beneficial for families across the Commonwealth, and I am grateful that the Department of Human Services has deemed this issue as a priority as maternal mortality rates remain shockingly high. Recognizing the importance of postpartum care is a win for families across Pennsylvania and we are happy to continue this work with the Department of Human Services.” Read more


Daley: Being an Organ Donor Saves Lives

(Jul 27, 2021)

Pa. state Rep. Mary Jo Daley learns more about organ recovery and donation from the Center of Organ Recovery and Education. Pa. is lagging behind other states when it comes organ donations. She herself is an organ donor, and has learned that Pa. has a lot of excellent facilities for organ recovery and donation to help save lives. Read more


Daley: State policy makers talk carbon sequestration in Pennsylvania

(Jul 23, 2021)

Pa state Rep. Mary Jo Daley, D-Montgomery, attended a House Policy Committee hearing held at the at the Delaware River Port Authority to listen to experts about how Pennsylvania can advance carbon sequestration technology to fight air pollution. Read more


Daley joins SAFE Caucus to discuss rising gun violence instances

(Jul 22, 2021)

Daley and other members of the caucus believe that all types of violence can be reduced through adequate funding for mental health services, stronger tools for law enforcement, resources to curb the effects of addiction and illegal drugs, and other solutions that promote public safety. Read more


The Daley News: July 2021 edition

(Jul 21, 2021)

My latest eblast features Discussions with Daley, UC updates, vaccine opportunities, a Narberth Avenue Bridge update, news on various state programs, and more. Read more


The Daley News: June 2021 edition

(Jun 30, 2021)

Includes: my thoughts on the budget; July's Discussions with Daley; unemployment compensation updates; shout-out to a local swimming champ; why freedom of choice is crucial; and much more. Read more


Resolution calling for National Infrastructure Bank introduced in Pa. House

(Jun 30, 2021)

"Staying on top of infrastructure and ensuring our buildings, bridges, roads, railways, drinking water and schools are safe is such a critical and also meaningful goal. Supporting the creation of a National Infrastructure Bank is an easy and nonpartisan decision. This could revolutionize Pennsylvania without raising taxes. It would create jobs. And, most importantly, it would make our communities safer. I wholeheartedly support this." Read more


Daley: Retraining for Renewables

(Jun 14, 2021)

Pa. state Rep. Mary Jo Daley wants Pennsylvania to join the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. She says there's a big focus on workforce development, as coal plants are closing. For the many people that have spent their career in that industry, RGGI would raise funds to help retrain them and provide them with new opportunities. Read more


Women’s Health Caucus: Choice is crucial, and we will keep fighting anti-choice legislation

(Jun 09, 2021)

If you are ever faced with an unwanted or nonviable pregnancy, make no mistake: You have the right to choose how to handle it. The ultimate decision must be yours, and we will fight to ensure that remains true. Read more


House Republicans continue attacks against women’s health, family rights in Pennsylvania

(Jun 09, 2021)

"Politicians do not belong in the room with a doctor and patient. Medical care, especially those related to reproductive health, is deeply personal and should remain that way,” Daley said. “The majority of Americans believe in protecting the rights of the patient and of preserving Roe v. Wade. This week's passing of H.B.s 1500 and 118, which will not survive Gov. Wolf's veto, prove that the fight to protect reproductive rights will never stop.” Read more


Daley: Defending Women’s Rights

(Jun 08, 2021)

While reproductive rights are a major part of the caucus’ agenda, it considers all the issues important to women and their families. People from all over Pennsylvania are looking for legislators to support them and their families. Read more