PA House Transportation Committee approves leased vehicle early termination legislation

HARRISBURG, June 29 – The House Transportation Committee today reported out a bill sponsored by Rep. Jeanne McNeill that would prohibit early termination fees of leased vehicles for medical reasons.

“Losing the ability to drive because of diagnosed medical reasons can be a very trying time for families, especially for those who are leasing a vehicle. Currently, if someone who is leasing a vehicle is deemed unfit to drive, then they bear that significant financial burden. Additionally, many of these same people can no longer maintain employment, creating an even harder situation for them,” said McNeill, D-Lehigh.

“It is unfair for someone to be forced to maintain a lease on a vehicle that is illegal for them to drive. That is why I am glad that my bill, that would allow individuals to terminate vehicle leases early if a medical professional has determined that they are unfit to safely drive a vehicle, was reported out of committee today.”

H.B. 540 will now head to the full House for a vote.