What People Are Saying About Governor Shapiro Signing into Law a Historic Expansion of the Property Tax/Rent Rebate Program

Earlier this month, Governor Josh Shapiro signed HB 1100 into law, expanding the Property Tax/Rent Rebate (PTRR) program to nearly 175,000 more Pennsylvania seniors and nearly doubling rebates for many of the 400,000 Pennsylvanians who already qualify. This expansion is the largest targeted tax break for Pennsylvania seniors in nearly two decades.

This is the first time the PTRR program has been expanded since 2006, raising the maximum rebate for seniors from $650 to $1,000, increasing the income cap for renters and homeowners to $45,000 a year, and tying that cap to the cost of living so seniors don’t lose out on the PTRR benefits through no fault of their own.

Governor Shapiro outlined his plans to expand the PTRR program during his campaign and in his inaugural budget address in March, and his signing of the bill delivers on the commitment he made to Pennsylvania seniors to ease the burden of rising costs. The commonsense, bipartisan budget for fiscal year 2023-2024 delivers on the Governor’s top priorities of creating a stronger economy that works for all, ensuring safer and healthier communities, and better schools.

Read what Pennsylvania seniors and leaders are saying about the Property Tax/Rent Rebate expansion below:

Bipartisan Praise from Elected Officials:

Representative Steve Samuelson, Primary Sponsor of HB1100: “Today [August 4] we are expanding the Property Tax/Rent Rebate. We are increasing the income limits for the first time in 17 years, and we are providing larger rebates for those who qualify. This bill helps seniors, this bill helps people under the age of 65 with disabilities, this bill helps renters, this bill helps homeowners, and you can see we are helping seniors stay in their homes. I also want to thank Governor Shapiro, who has made seniors in Pennsylvania a priority of his Administration. He also has made sure that the expansion of the Property Tax/Rent Rebate was going to happen in year one.”

Speaker Joanna McClinton: “In Governor Josh Shapiro’s first budget, we saw historic funding for public education, we saw our law enforcement get the increase they need to be able to ensure that folks are running to these careers, not running out the door. And it was in Governor Josh Shapiro’s first budget that after almost 20 years of not seeing the needle move on the Property Tax/Rent Rebate that we’re here in Germantown this afternoon [August 10] celebrating the fact that our wisest neighbors get every single penny from the state that you deserve. It’s very important that in the executive office, we have someone who has both vision, and most importantly, determination and strength. We’re celebrating here today and as you stay tuned to the rest of the summer and the fall, you’re going to continue to hear great things that happen in Governor Josh Shapiro’s first budget.”

Congressman Dwight Evans: “I was pleased to hear the talk about this major accomplishment for Pennsylvania seniors under our new Governor Josh Shapiro. Pennsylvania has accomplished something that I supported when I was in Harrisburg – the first expansion of Property Tax/Rent Rebate since 2006. I have known Governor Shapiro for a long time and I want you to understand that it’s important to have the partnerships to do things with him as Governor and with me now in Congress.”

Treasurer Stacy Garrity: “Congrats to the General Assembly & Governor Shapiro for expanding PA’s Property Tax/Rent Rebate Program! Treasury wants to get the funds into the hands of the people who need them. I encourage everyone who is eligible for this year’s rebates to apply ASAP!”

Senator Jay Costa: “This program has proven successful for our seniors, disabled individuals and renters so that they can afford to stay in their homes and I’m thrilled we are able to expand eligibility requirements so that more individuals can benefit from it. I will continue to champion legislation alongside my colleagues in the Senate Democratic Caucus to ensure our seniors, our families, and our neighbors can stay in communities they built in the homes they love.”

Senator Vincent Hughes: “Pennsylvania’s Property Tax/Rent Rebate Program hasn’t been adjusted for inflation and rising costs since 2007. Expanding who is eligible for Property Tax and Rent Rebates and how much they receive has been a top priority for Democrats. We knew this program needed to address inflation, rising costs, and the basic needs of many low-income seniors, and we worked together to make that happen. I was proud to vote ‘yes’ on this expansion to the program and I’m happy to see it sent to Governor Shapiro so we can finally deliver more relief to more seniors.”

Senator Art Haywood: “Thank you, Governor Shapiro, for coming to the district to announce the expansion of the Property Tax & Rent Rebate Program! Nearly 175,000 more Pennsylvanians will qualify, and many of the 400,000 people who already qualify will see their rebates roughly double.”

Senator Dan Laughlin: “I’m pleased that the Property Tax and Rent Rebate program for low-income seniors and disabled residents is set to expand. This initiative, which I have wholeheartedly supported, aims to help individuals across our commonwealth. This significant stride reflects our commitment to providing essential financial relief and support to those in need.”

Senator Maria Collett: “Governor Shapiro has officially signed the Property Tax/Rent Rebate expansion bill into law! Nearly 175,000 more Pennsylvanians will qualify for PTRR and many who already qualify will see their rebates nearly double. I’m thrilled seniors and disabled Pennsylvanians will get this much-needed boost.”

Representative Patty Kim: “The PTRR expansion will provide a critical financial lifeline to members of our families, friends and neighbors that will help enable them to keep up with the cost of living. Act 7 of 2023 will increase the income limit to $45,000 for both homeowners and renters and raise the maximum rebate amount from $650 to $1,000. The overwhelmingly bipartisan passage of the law marks the first time the program has been updated since 2006 and the first time since 2009 that the income limits to qualify for the program have been increased. Thanks to House Bill 1100, more Pennsylvania seniors and individuals with disabilities will get the assistance they need to stay in their homes.”

Representative Ed Neilson: “On Friday [August 4], Governor Shapiro signed into law HB 1100, which will expand the number of people eligible and increase rebate amounts for the Property Tax/ Rent Rebate Program. This will help to keep more seniors in their homes across Pennsylvania.”

Representative Carol Hill-Evans: “With last week’s [August 4] signing of Act 7 of 2023 (which enjoyed broad bipartisan support as HB1100) ~175,000 more senior/disabled Pennsylvanians will be eligible for financial relief via the Property Tax/Rent Rebate program. It’s the first update to the crucial program in 16 years!”

Representative Jeanne McNeill: “The Property Tax/Rent Rebate Program expansion was officially signed into law today [August 4] by Gov. Josh Shapiro. This will double rebates for many of the 400,000 Pennsylvanians who qualify and will expand the program to nearly 175,000 more Pennsylvania seniors.”

Representative Malcolm Kenyatta: “Excited to see that HB 1100 to expand the Property Tax/ Rent Rebate Program has been signed into law, helping to keep more seniors in their homes. Voting on this bill was one of the most important votes I’ve taken in my time as a legislator.”

Representative Bridget Kosierowski: “I was honored to be alongside Governor Shapiro as he signed legislation expanding the Property Tax/Rent Rebate Program. This will ease some of the week-to-week financial stress and put a little more money into thousands of Pennsylvanians’ pockets.”

Representative Jake Banta: “Pennsylvania seniors are a top priority. It’s well past time we put in the work to have their backs and give them relief they deserve. While there is more work to be done to make life more affordable for our seniors, I was pleased to support this important step forward. The expansion of this program is going to cover thousands more older Pennsylvanians, and it will go a long way for the folks who need it the most.”

Representative Jim Haddock: “The number of people struggling to get by is only growing, especially among our seniors. I was proud to stand with Governor Shapiro as he signed an expansion of the Property Tax/Rent Rebate Program into law, helping to ease the financial burden for many Pennsylvania residents.”

Representative Dave Madsen: “It was a big day [August 10] in Harrisburg listening to Governor Shapiro talk about the recent Property Tax/Rent Rebate expansion bill he signed last week. This is going to put more money into the pockets of our most vulnerable population.”

Representative Paul Takac: “Joined Governor Shapiro, Speaker McClinton and colleagues from both sides of the aisle in Scranton for the signing of HB 1100 into law. This historic expansion of the Property Tax/Rent Rebate program delivers the largest targeted tax cut for seniors in decades!

Representative Ben Waxman: “A fantastic step forward for #PA homeowners and renters! Congratulations to Governor Shapiro for signing this bipartisan bill to expand the rebate program. Increasing the maximum rebate and income cap will bring relief to so many. #PAProgress”

Pennsylvania Residents & Leaders:

AARP Pennsylvania State Director Bill Johnston-Walsh: “AARP’s mission is to empower people to choose how they live as they age, and an important part of choosing how we live is being able to choose where we live. The Property Tax/Rent Rebate program has been a lifeline for hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvanians. With this expansion, hundreds of thousands more older Pennsylvanians will be able to remain in their homes and communities. We applaud this important expansion and look forward to continued work with the Shapiro Administration and the General Assembly to ensure a better Pennsylvania for everyone.”

Pennsylvania Association of Senior Centers Vice President Renee Cunningham: “Senior centers across the Commonwealth have been helping older Pennsylvanians apply for the PTRR program for decades. We see firsthand how disheartening it is when an older adult is outside the eligibility criteria and share in the frustration when people get the rebate one year but are not eligible the next because of a small increase in social security. The expansion of this program will greatly increase the number of older Pennsylvanians who are able to access this needed benefit. The increase from $650 to $1,000 will help older adults in a very practical way, as the cost of living continues to rise. We applaud Governor Shapiro and our legislators for passing this important expansion for a program that truly benefits older Pennsylvanians.” 

Scranton Resident Gaylene Macuska: “I was an invited guest when Governor Shapiro gave his budget address on March 7. I was very honored to be there and hear the Governor’s proposal for the Property Tax/Rent Rebate, and I am proud to be standing here to see that proposal become reality. Governor Shapiro campaigned on improving and expanding the Property Tax/Rent Rebate program – and he’s following through on his promise to seniors here in Pennsylvania. Under the bill that he signed today [August 4] in Scranton, our maximum standard rebate will increase from $650 to $1,000. That might not seem like a whole lot of money to you, but for thousands of older Pennsylvanians, it’s a lifeline that helps pay the bills, and I know that to be true.”

West Shore Senior Center Member Diane Salerno: “I’m hopeful in the fact that we are seeing bipartisan legislation – and I see it in the House, I see it in the Senate, and, of course, in the Governor’s office. This is a man who understands politics is the art of compromise, and he has a way of communicating with people. He doesn’t simply hear you – he listens. It’s been a long time since I’ve been this inspired and hopeful for Pennsylvania.”

Philadelphia Resident Juan Bacote: “Governor Shapiro has been advocating for quite some time to improve and expand the Property Tax/Rent Rebate program – following through on his promise to seniors right here in Philadelphia. I can’t say I’m surprised that the Governor is able to complete such a monumental feat for seniors – this is the same guy that rebuilt the I-95 collapse in just 12 days. This is the same spirit that Governor Shapiro gets stuff done for us, and under this bill, our maximum standard rebate will increase from $650 to $1,000. This is huge for thousands of Pennsylvanians and it’s a lifeline that helps with groceries, gas, and bills.”

Pennsylvania Resident Loretta Allen: “It’s something we’re definitely going to be able to use,’ said Loretta Allen, who has not previously qualified for the rebate but expects to now that the income cap has been raised. Allen said she and her husband live on Social Security, and despite downsizing to a smaller home, their school property taxes alone are now topping $2,000 per year.”

Pennsylvania Resident Herbert Kern: “’I hope it helps out, anything would help out,’ said Herbert Kern, age 92, who served in the Korean War as a combat medic. ‘I can make it,’ Kern said of his finances, ‘but I don’t have anything extra.’”