McNeill: $940,000 awarded for airport improvements

HARRISBURG, Aug. 25 – State Rep. Jeanne McNeill today announced state funding totaling $940,000 to improve the airport experience for area residents of the community.

The project will fund the improvement to safety and accessibility in the Lehigh Valley International Airport by reconfiguring the existing terminal roadways that serve the Multimodal Transportation Center and the Airport Terminal at ABE, to meet the latest design, safety and capacity standards.

“With Lehigh Valley International being the fourth-largest commercial service airport in Pennsylvania by passenger activity, it is an important intersection for residents of our community and tourists who are visiting family or who want to see the beauty that the Lehigh Valley has to offer,” McNeill said. “Most people want to be in and out when it comes to airports. This funding will go towards making that goal a reality and will make sure those airport roads are the safest they can be for all who use them.”

The funding comes from the Multimodal Transportation Fund, which is intended to provide financial assistance to municipalities, councils of governments, businesses, economic development organizations, public transportation agencies, and ports and rail freight entities to improve transportation infrastructure that enhances communities, pedestrian safety and transit revitalization.

For more information about the program, visit and click on Multimodal Program under the “Projects & Programs” button.