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Madden, McNeill re-elected to Northeast Delegation leadership; Kosierowski added to leadership team

February Monroe Matters

(Feb 24, 2022)

On this episode of Monroe Matters, Pa. state Rep. Maureen Madden breaks down Governor Wolf's state budget proposal and highlights how Monroe County students could benefit from increased education funding. Read more


Luzerne County will continue providing both Spanish and English ballots

(Feb 24, 2022)

An increase in Spanish-speaking residents had prompted county election officials to start offering Spanish ballots in the April 2012 election, according to past reports. Read more


Schweyer Explains the Budget Process

(Feb 22, 2022)

Pa. state Rep. Peter Schweyer, a member of the House Appropriations Committee, summarizes the state budget process from conception to reality and highlights his role in making sure Allentown receives its fair share of funding for programs and services. Read more


Schlossberg: Our fates are bound together. Let’s govern like it

(Feb 21, 2022)

From our investments in health care, job creation centers, early childhood education and more — this budget recognizes a fundamental truth: We all have an obligation to each other. We all need each other to be successful because your success will positively impact mine. Read more


Advocates urge lawmakers to get proactive about making Pennsylvania schools safer

(Feb 16, 2022)

Max Schachter and Tony Montalto, two parents who lost children to the Parkland school shooting, shared their personal stories and research about what other states are doing to make schools safer. Read more


Schweyer: Budget Hearings Kick Off in Harrisburg

(Feb 15, 2022)

As Budget Hearings kick off in Harrisburg, Pa. state Rep. Peter Schweyer highlights today's discussions and is confident revenue projections will hit the mark to match Governor Wolf's budget proposals. Read more


Schweyer Community Conversation on the Allentown SPARK Program

(Feb 11, 2022)

In this Community Conversation, Pa. state Rep. Peter Schweyer joins Dana Yurgoski and Dan Diaz to discuss the Allentown Small Business SPARK Program, a collaboration between the City of Allentown and the Small Business Development Center at Lehigh University to provide technical assistance grants to Allentown businesses recovering from the impact of COVID-19. Read more


Kosierowski announces more than $353K in funding for county fire, emergency medical services

(Feb 10, 2022)

“Our first responders have continued to answer the call each and every time we’ve needed them,” Kosierowski said. Read more


Lehigh Valley Health Network Pocono Launches Partnership to Help New Moms Build Personal Financial Skills

(Feb 10, 2022)

The department will present a nine-part virtual series to NFP participants on a variety of financial topics, including credit, avoiding fraud and scams, budgeting and spending plans, and saving and investing for long- and short-term goals. Read more


McNeill reminds residents about veterans’ outreach specialist hours

(Feb 10, 2022)

“This is a wonderful opportunity for those who served our country to ensure that they’re aware of all the programs and services available to assist them,” McNeill said. Read more


Guzman welcomes appointment to House Appropriations Committee

(Feb 09, 2022)

The House Appropriations Committee plays a key role in crafting the commonwealth’s annual budget, and Guzman hopes to use his appointment as a vehicle to create sound fiscal policy that enhances the lives of all Pennsylvanians. Read more


Wolf proposes budget heavy on new public school education funding

(Feb 09, 2022)

The $43.7 billion general fund spending plan, 9.5% higher than projected actual spending this year, calls for no increases in the 6% sales tax or 3.07% personal income tax, the state’s largest sources of revenue. Read more


Schweyer encouraged by Gov. Wolf’s budget address

(Feb 09, 2022)

“Governor Wolf and I came to Harrisburg in the same year with a common vision to reform the way our state funds education. We both recognized that our public schools – especial urban ones like Allentown – were woefully underfunded, that Pre-K education was inaccessible for far too many families, and that our community colleges and state schools needed support if they were going to thrive in the future." Read more


Pashinski Applauds Wolf’s Budget Proposal

(Feb 09, 2022)

Pleased with no call for any sort of tax increase, Pashinski also notes how important Wolf’s proposals are key to responsibly addressing educational funding inadequacies, and that financial responsibility is reduced at the local level. Read more


Wolf budget ups basic ed funding 30% in Luzerne County; Wilkes-Barre Area up 50%

(Feb 09, 2022)

Basic education allocations to Luzerne County’s 12 school districts would total $238.6 million and rise 30.2% under Gov. Tom Wolf’s proposed budget. Read more


Kosierowski applauds Wolf’s 2022-23 budget

(Feb 08, 2022)

“Today we were presented with a very bold final budget from the governor, one that leaves a lasting legacy for our health care system, students, and educators,” said Kosierowski. Read more


Pashinski supports Wolf budget proposal

(Feb 08, 2022)

"This is by far the best budget proposal I have seen in my 16 years in the legislature, and I hope we can all come together and pass it.” Read more


Madden Demands Equitable School Funding

(Feb 08, 2022)

Madden reminded her colleagues that, as elected state representatives with a budget surplus, they have a responsibility to ensuring children, teachers and school staff are safe in their learning and working environments. Read more


Schlossberg commends governor’s 2022-23 budget plan

(Feb 08, 2022)

Of particular interest to Schlossberg is the governor’s proposal to increase basic education funding by $1.25 billion, special education funding by $200 million and Level Up funding by $300 million. Read more


Winners and losers in Wolf's proposed 2022-23 state budget

(Feb 08, 2022)

Among the winners? Property taxpayers: More state funding for public schools means less pressure on districts to raise local property taxes or, perhaps, tax cuts. Read more