State Rep. Chris Rabb introduces bill to study benefits of a four-day work week

HARRISBURG, March 21 -- State Rep. Chris Rabb, D-Phila, has introduced a legislation that would task the Legislative Budget and Finance Committee to conduct a cost-benefit analysis of moving commonwealth employees to a four-day work week.

Many companies around the globe have started pilot programs concerning a four-day work week and the results have been promising. There are reports of better work/life balance, higher morale among employees and less spending on child care, Rabb said.

“One hundred years ago, When the five-day work week was granted to us by labor activists who fought to not work their lives away it was considered a huge victory,” Rabb said. “Now times have changed; we have different family dynamics that changed our ability to work a five-day work week and it’s time we help give people their most precious commodity back – their time. Because everyone deserves to work to live and not live to work.”

Rabb added that elected officials owe it to taxpayers to explore any cost-saving measures that can enhance state government’s efficacy, while still providing the level of service they both need and deserve.