Sexual Abuse Vigil

Rep. Mark Rozzi participates on a vigil for those who experienced childhood sexual abuse.

Statute of Limitations Press Event

Rep. Mark Rozzi demands action on his legislation that would hold child sex abusers accountable and better protect victims.

Statute Of Limitations Rally

Rep. Mark Rozzi, with cast members from “The Keepers” (a film about sexual abuse in Baltimore Archdiocese) calls for an end to statute of limitations in sexual abuse cases.

News Conference: Statute of Limitations in Child Sexual Abuse Cases

State Rep. Mark Rozzi was joined by state Sen. Rob Teplitz, state Reps. Louise Williams Bishop and Tom Murt, and prominent reform advocates to discuss legislative reforms to the state's statute of limitations in child sexual abuse cases.

2015 Disability Resource Fair

Rep. Mark Rozzi hosts a Disability Resource Fair for the constituents of the 126th legislative district.