Rozzi, Cepeda-Freytiz affirm their commitment to supporting Pennsylvania’s public schools

In response to Senate Republicans’ hearing on private school vouchers

READING, July 26 – PA Senate Republicans visited Reading for an Education Committee hearing exploring the proposed private school voucher program. State Reps. Johanny Cepeda-Freytiz and Mark Rozzi responded to this with the following statement:

“By design, the voucher program helps students on a case-by-case basis leave an underfunded school to attend a higher performing school. These school vouchers do not serve a collective good. We cannot deprive public schools of funding to invest state tax dollars in a scheme that would harm students. It’s an overly simplified idea that doesn’t address the systemic problems leading to why schools, like ones right here in our neighborhoods, are underperforming.

“School vouchers are not the answer to the loophole in our school system and will not restore years and years of unfunded public schools. It’s a take-the-money-and-run approach that will only exacerbate inequities. Instead, we need commonsense programs that would help every student in our state. This includes reforming our cyber charter schools and delivering Level Up funding to the schools that need it most.

“Furthermore, we’re in the middle of a budget impasse, and Gov. Shapiro said he would line-item veto the voucher program.

“Senate Republicans are dragging out the inevitable, but they’re taking Pennsylvania’s students down with them. They have gone so far as coming to a city that they do not represent to preach about this selfish, so-called solution. The Reading School District and its students deserve better than this.

“We must protect public schools and equitably allocate resources. We are prioritizing working families; we are committed to strengthening public education in Pennsylvania. We stand strongly against the private school voucher program. Instead of this temporary, short-term fix, we’re dedicated to working toward ensuring that a child’s zip code does not determine the quality of their education.”