Schweyer encouraged by Gov. Wolf’s budget address

HARRISBURG, Feb. 9 – Following Gov. Tom Wolf’s 2022-23 budget address, state Rep. Peter Schweyer, D-Lehigh, issued the following statement.

“Governor Wolf and I came to Harrisburg in the same year with a common vision to reform the way our state funds education. We both recognized that our public schools – especial urban ones like Allentown – were woefully underfunded, that Pre-K education was inaccessible for far too many families, and that our community colleges and state schools needed support if they were going to thrive in the future. 

“In the seven budgets since we were inaugurated, the state has made a significant investment in education in every level, and our kids and families are in a better position for future success.  

"Today, Governor Wolf has chosen to dramatically up the stakes and invest a tremendous amount of new funding in our schools.” 

If enacted, the Allentown School District would receive more than $70 million in additional funding for basic ($66.5 million) and special ($3.8 million) education. For East Penn School District, that’s nearly $5 million (Basic: $3.9 million; Special: $792,976 ) more and Salisbury School District would receive over $1 million (Basic: $882,437; Special: $165,076) more. This investment would help ensure every child has access to quality education and a chance to succeed.

Schweyer said he was also encouraged by the governor’s proposals to raise the state’s minimum wage from $7.25 an hour and reduce the Corporate Net Income tax to 7.95%.

“Every single surrounding state has raised their minimum wages, while Pennsylvania’s has remained at $7.25 an hour for more than a decade. That is beyond unacceptable and unfair to thousands upon thousands of hardworking Pennsylvanians. Raising the minimum wage is long overdue and it’s time for action from the Republican majority.

“By lowering the Corporate Net Income tax, Pennsylvania businesses will be able to stay competitive with neighboring states and be more attractive for companies to do business here,” he said.