Solomon Takes America250PA Message to School

(Feb 01, 2023)

As our nation prepares to celebrate its 250th birthday, Pa. state Rep. Jared Solomon is working to make sure the celebration resonates loudest where it all began, in Philadelphia. He and state Rep. Regina Young met with students at Gilbert Spruance Elementary School in Northeast Philly to raise awareness and spark enthusiasm for America’s milestone birthday. Read more


Solomon, Kenyatta introduce legislation to require elected officials convicted of felonies to resign

(Jan 13, 2023)

HARRISBURG, Jan. 13 -- State Rep. Jared Solomon, D-Phila., is partnering with Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta, also D-Phila., to introduce a constitutional amendment that would require elected officials to resign upon conviction of a felony. “As public servants, we must be held to the highest of standards,” Solomon said. “The people we serve deserve elected officials they can rely on and have faith in -- they lose all of that once the individual is convicted of a crime.” Solomon said that the publicity created from these often high profile cases steers attention away from serving the public. “As elected officials, we owe the constituents that we represent service that improves their quality of life,” Kenyatta said. “They put their trust in us and deserve to be represented by honorable, law-abiding officials committed to doing just that.” Under current case law, an elected official does not have to resign until they are formally sentenced. Read more


Philadelphia House Delegation salutes Mayor Kenney’s critical priorities for the city as his mandate comes to an end this year

(Jan 11, 2023)

PHILADELPHIA, Jan. 11 – The Philadelphia House Delegation today expressed their endorsement for Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney’s core priorities in his final year as mayor. The delegation also highlighted their concerns and hopes for the city. “The plan introduced today by Mayor Kenney gave us optimism. I’m pleased to see that reducing gun violence and strengthening public safety are an important part of this agenda. I also laud the commitment to diversity, to improving access to quality education and to expanding affordable housing” said the delegation’s chair, state Rep. Morgan Cephas. “These goals might not be entirely achieved by the end of the year, but we are going in the right direction, there’s a strong approach from the administration to address the major issues affecting our city”, Cephas said. The mayor’s goals are explained in a report titled “Equity and Opportunity for All: Moving Philadelphia Forward.” In it, Kenney revealed four critical focus areas of the administration in an effort to guarantee Philadelphia’s immediate and long-term future success. The mayor promised to reinforce his commitment to enhancing public safety, improve quality of life and build thriving neighborhoods. His other goal will be investing in Philadelphia’s youth. Driving inclusive growth and economic opportunity while building a thriving Read more


Solomon introduces legislation to form Gun Violence Task Force

(Jan 11, 2023)

HARRISBURG, Jan. 11 -- Due to rising gun fatalities across the commonwealth, state Rep. Jared Solomon, D-Phila., has introduced legislation that would establish a gun violence task force in every county with a high rate of gun deaths. “Gun violence task forces are a proven method to reducing gun violence,” Solomon said. “This problem requires an all-hands-on deck approach -- state, local officials, and stakeholders working together to mitigate this crisis.” The legislation would create a task force made up of state and local officials and other key officials all working together to end gun violence. The attorney general would have jurisdiction when gun deaths reach a certain level in communities. Solomon, maintaining his commitment to transparency in government, said the attorney general will be required to make annual reports about the operations of each task force. Read more


Solomon announces grant for his district

(Jan 11, 2023)

State Rep. Jared Solomon, D-Phila., announces that a grant of $237,740 was awarded to the Greater Northeast Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce. Solomon created the Schools-to-Work Program to develop and expand career opportunities for high school students right into their local neighborhoods. “Students need to know that the trades are a viable option for a successful and fruitful careers,” Solomon said. “This funding will go a long way for providing career pathways and leave students with hands-on knowledge that they can use for the rest of their lives.” The Greater Northeast Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce will partner with Northeast High School and the Carpenters Union to administer the carpentry pre-apprenticeship program with a total of 60 students. Additional details about the Schools-to-Work Program can be found on L&I’s website. Read more


Kenyatta, Solomon, Street to introduce legislation making 2024 presidential primary in Pa. earlier

(Jan 10, 2023)

HARRISBURG, Jan. 10 – State Reps. Malcolm Kenyatta and Jared Solomon, both D-Phila., will introduce legislation that would move the 2024 presidential primary election date in Pa. up one month. This would set the date for the 2024 Presidential Primary in Pa. to be on March 19, 2024. Currently, Pennsylvania’s primary is scheduled to take place on the fourth Tuesday in April, long after many states have voted for a presidential nominee. “Pennsylvania will be a pivotal battleground state in 2024 and having the primary election well after many other states already have theirs makes our commonwealth one of the last states in the nation to weigh in despite being a crucial swing state,” Kenyatta said. “With an earlier primary, Pennsylvania voters will represent the 'keystone' needed for each candidate to win their party's nomination in 2024 and beyond.” “Pennsylvania has proved time and time again to be a pivotal state when it comes to elections,” Solomon said. “This legislation will provide Pennsylvania the political weight it deserves by giving us a voice earlier in the process.” Kenyatta and Solomon will be introducing this legislation along with state Sen. Sharif Street, D-Phila., who will introduce mirror legislation in the Senate. “Pennsylvania is a critical battleground in determining the leadership and direction of our nation,” Street said. “It is incumbent upon Read more


Philadelphia House Delegation unveils three new subcommittees

(Dec 21, 2022)

PHILADELPHIA, Dec. 21 – The Philadelphia House Delegation today announced the launch of a new subcommittee structure aimed to amplify the efforts and mission of the delegation in three specific areas of work. The delegation now includes as part of its components The Philadelphia House Delegation Labor Subcommittee, the Philadelphia House Delegation Policy Subcommittee and the Philadelphia House Delegation Intergovernmental Affairs Subcommittee. Delegation Chair Rep. Morgan Cephas explains that the organization is experiencing a crucial reform that will translate to a boost across a broad spectrum of focus areas of their work. “We are all very excited and looking forward to the agendas of these subcommittees. It has never been more urgent to fulfill our mission as a delegation, as the voice of Philadelphia in the House,” Cephas said. “I must highlight that these groups are strategically led by an impeccable team of lawmakers who have made great strides in each of these territories.” Rep. Elizabeth Fiedler and Rep.-elect Roni Green have been designated chair and vice chair, respectively, of the Philadelphia House Delegation Labor Subcommittee. This group will evaluate legislation related to unions, the right to form a union, worker power, union membership and other matters relating to organized labor in the commonwealth. Fiedler has been a champion for labor Read more


Quality Of Life Tele-Town Hall

(Dec 13, 2022)

Pa. State Rep. Jared Solomon addresses quality-of-life issues in the Northeast regarding safety, littering, short dumping and much more! Listen for solutions to the problems we all face. Read more


Solomon holds support meeting for Magee Avenue residents

(Dec 08, 2022)

PHILADELPHIA , Dec. 8 – State Rep. Jared Solomon, D-Phila., held a meeting for residents of Magee Avenue, the scene of a recent domestic violence homicide, where neighbors could meet with representatives of local support services. “I was so shocked and saddened to hear about the recent tragedy on Magee Avenue and felt I needed to facilitate whatever help I could for residents there,” Solomon said. “My office is available to help in any way we can and connect residents with services as they seek them.” Capt. James Kimrey and Community Relations Officer Mark Mroz, 2nd Police District, were on hand to answer questions. The Network of Neighbors and CORA offered guidance and assistance. Solomon’s office has additional information packets available. Residents can call the office at (215) 342-6340. Read more


State programs now open for applications

(Dec 05, 2022)

Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency/Pennsylvania Department of Human Services: Pennsylvania Academic and Career/Technical Training Innovative Solicitation (Funding Source: Justice Reinvestment Fund) Who May Apply : Existing PACTT Affiliates. Use : To improve services for delinquent youth receiving academic and career/technical training services. Funds : Awards up to $75,000 for 24-month projects. Application Deadline : December 23, 2022 More Information : Click on . Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission: Clean Vessel Act (CVA) Pumpout Grant Program (Funding Source: Federal Funding) Who May Apply : Local governmental entities and private businesses that own and operate boating facilities. Use : To fund the construction, renovation, and maintenance of pumpout and dump stations to service pleasure boats. Funds : Reimburse up to 75% of the installation cost of pumpout and dump stations. Application Deadline : December 30, 2022 More Information : Click on . Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency: 2022-23 School Safety and Security Training and Technical Assistance Program (Funding Source: FY 2022 School Safety and Security Grant Program Fund) Who May Apply : Non-profit organizations, institutions of higher education (not-for profit), and for-profit organizations. Use : To Read more


Solomon presents check to the Tree Authority, LLC

(Nov 04, 2022)

PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 4 – State Rep. Jared Solomon, D-Phila., presented $25,000 in state funding to the Tree Authority LLC for tree planting and maintenance along Levick Street. “We have seen studies that show that more green spaces reduce crime and overall make neighborhoods healthier,” Solomon said. “I take great pride in our neighborhood so I’m happy to help provide funding for an organization such as the Tree Authority, which help us all live in a cleaner, safer community.” After the check presentation, Solomon’s office partnered with the WeLoveU Foundation to perform a clean-up along Levick Street, and the Tree Authority tended to and planted trees. “The volunteers that are here today, originally participated in planting these trees. We are glad that we were able to come back this year to be able to maintain them and make them look more beautiful for the community,” said Jennysabid Ferrerira, International WeLoveU Foundation volunteer. “One of the best parts of this grant is actually the maintenance. Planting trees is the start but now we can keep them going and get them established and doing well for the community,” said Hasan Malik, owner of the Tree Authority. ATTENTION EDITORS: A recording of the event is available for download here . Read more


Solomon Secures Funding for Tree Planting and Maintenance

(Nov 04, 2022)

Surrounded by volunteers from WeLoveU foundation and Tree Authority, Pa. state Rep. Jared Solomon proudly presented a check for $25,000. The state funding he secured will be used to plant new trees and maintain existing ones in NE PHiladelphia. Solomon says projects like this bring neighbors together and foster cleaner, safer, more beautiful communities. Read more


October 2022

(Nov 02, 2022)

OCTOBER 2022 District Office Lease $1600.00 Office Supplies $75.49 Postage/Mail $52.40 District Office utilities $184.37 Cleaning Services $779.40 Community Event Food $66.30 Hotel/Lodging $234.00 Meals $36.47 ______________________________ TOTAL $3028.43 Read more


Solomon presents check to OCCCDA

(Oct 28, 2022)

State Rep. Jared Solomon, D-Phila., presented $100,000 in state funding to the Oxford Circle Christian Community Development Association. This funding will support OCCCDA’s workforce development program with the Northeast Learning Center. “OCCCDA does so many great things – not just in the Oxford Circle community but for the whole Northeast,” Solomon said. “This is a huge investment in our community, and I know that the services offered here will help so many people make the northeast a great place to live, work and play.” “The Oxford Circle Christian Community Development Association is grateful to Representative Jared Solomon for his continued support,” said Shante Antrom, executive director of OCCCDA. “With the $100,000 grant funds, we will partner with the Toben Center to create a needs assessment and enhance the current intake process. Additionally, OCCCDA is looking forward to merging our ESL/ELL and workforce development programs and hosting classes and events at the Toben center, further enhancing the visibility of educational and career-based resources within the Oxford Circle community.” “ Mr. Brown and I started the Northeast Learning Center together to make sure that people get the opportunity to move ahead in life,” said Bonnie Kaye, co-owner and education director of the Northeast Learning Center. “We have ranked number one in the Read more


Solomon Secures Funds, Builds a Brighter Future

(Oct 27, 2022)

Surrounded by students, teachers and community leaders, Pa. state Rep. Jared Solomon presented a $100,000 check to Oxford Circle Christian Community Development Association. These state funds will be used by OCCCDA and the Toben Center to expand their workforce development programs in Northeast Philadelphia. Read more


September 2022

(Oct 11, 2022)

District Office Lease $1600.00 Office Supplies $126.18 Postage/Mail $11.85 District Office utilities $201.64 ______________________________ TOTAL $1939.67 Read more


Solomon's Affordable Housing Legislation Signed Into Law

(Sep 20, 2022)

Pa. state Rep. Jared Solomon joined Governor Tom Wolf in signing his affordable housing legislation into law, a measure which would incentivize builders to develop affordable housing through a variety of tax abatements. Solomon says this bill will lead to more jobs in Philadelphia and increased access to quality housing. Read more


August 2022

(Sep 15, 2022)

AUGUST 2022 District Office Lease $1600.00 Office Supplies $332.69 Postage/Bulk mail $1797.90 District Office utilities $175.67 ______________________________ TOTAL $3906.26 Read more


Solomon: Open Primaries for Independent Voters

(Sep 14, 2022)

Pa. state Rep. Jared Solomon wants to allow the 1.2 million Pennsylvanians registered as Independent to vote in primary elections. He says that by opening primaries, barriers are removed, more voters are engaged, and it ensures that no party has a monopoly on the primary election process. He believes that everyone has a right to participate fully in elections without exception. Read more


Solomon hosted check presentation to Max Myers Playground

(Sep 12, 2022)

State Rep. Jared Solomon, D-Phila., recently presented $100,000 in state grant funding to Max Myers Recreation Center to rebuild their soccer field. “Extracurricular activities are pivotal for children to learn social skills and other talents,” Solomon said. “I am always happy to bring resources back to the Northeast to provide safe spaces for our children to develop, grow and play. It is the work we do together for this city that achieves results.” There were several soccer players from Spruance school who were present for the Sept. 8 check presentation. Also in attendance were Beth Perkowski, Philadelphia Parks & Recreation manager at Max Myers and Jeffrey Sperry, supervisor at Max Myers. Also in attendance was Commissioner of Parks and Recreation, Kathy Ott Lovell. “This is a huge opportunity for love.fútbol. We have soccer fields across the world, but we’re so proud to have this soccer field coming to Philadelphia, coming to this community,” said Joe Hewitt, CEO of the Sports Creative, representing love.fútbol. FC Max Myers is a free soccer and personal development program for children and youth in Oxford Circle, Philadelphia. It takes place at the Max Myers Playground. The program is facilitated by The Sports Creative on behalf of Cityzens Giving (Manchester City), , and in partnership with Philadelphia Parks & Read more