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Sanchez: Constitutional amendments are better determined during high voter turnout elections

(Sep 22, 2021)

Constitutional amendments need to be scrutinized by a large cross-section of voters. High levels of voter participation would help ensure the changes made truly represent the will and voice of the people. Read more

Ciresi introduces legislation exempting injured and decorated veterans from vehicle registration fees

(Sep 21, 2021)

HARRISBURG, Sept. 21 – State Rep. Joe Ciresi, D-Montgomery, introduced H.B. 1895 today to exempt injured and decorated veterans from vehicle registration fees. In serving the 146th legislative district, Ciresi has been particularly concerned that returning veterans receive assistance from the state in recognition of the sacrifices they’ve made serving their country. “While state law currently provides some veterans with a discounted rate for vehicle registration by only charging a processing fee, in recognition of their service I believe our injured and decorated veterans deserve to be fully excused from paying vehicle registration fees,” Ciresi said. Ciresi said, “That is why I’ve introduced legislation, with bipartisan support, which totally waives these fees for veterans who were injured or captured while serving their country, or who have received the Congressional Medal of Honor or the Purple Heart.” Current law charges a $10 processing fee instead of a registration fee for veterans who’ve lost a limb or eye or became partially paralyzed while serving in the armed forces; were captured by the enemy in an armed conflict; or were awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. Ciresi’s legislation eliminates the processing fee and expands eligibility to also include all recipients of the Purple Heart. According to Ciresi, this exemption would not only help eligible veterans directly, but also their Read more

Daley: Protecting All Children

(Sep 21, 2021)

Pa. state Rep. Mary Jo Daley knows that the mask mandate in schools was enacted in order to slow the spread of COVID-19 and save lives. She says that kids are ready to get back to school, but not every child can get vaccinated. In order to keep all children safe, she supports the mask mandate and encourages everyone who can to get vaccinated. Read more

Ciresi introduces legislation allowing limited wineries to partner with BYOBs

(Sep 17, 2021)

HARRISBURG, Sept. 17 – State Rep. Joe Ciresi, D-Montgomery, introduced legislation yesterday to allow BYOB restaurants to collaborate with local limited wineries to sell wine to diners. Ciresi, who has made the promotion and protection of small businesses a cornerstone of his role as state representative for the 146th District, said his legislation will benefit BYOB establishments, small Pennsylvania wineries and Pennsylvania dining patrons. “Our small local restaurants are a foundation of our communities and provide a wonderful place for people to come together,” Ciresi said. “Sometimes diners will go out to a restaurant and not realize it is BYOB. Though the restaurant might wish to provide wine to its patrons, it can’t afford to purchase a liquor license which costs thousands of dollars. “My legislation would allow a BYOB restaurant to collaborate with a local limited winery to sell wine so customers could enjoy wine with their meal in the restaurant. My goal is to support our small local restaurants, which are still trying to recover from the financial impact of the pandemic, and our growing Pennsylvania winery industry, as well as to enhance our diners’ patronage of local restaurants.” The legislation would permit limited wineries to apply for and obtain an off-premise catering permit they could use to partner with community restaurants to benefit both local businesses. Read more

Kirkland announces $200K grant for needed renovations to Chester Township Police Department building

(Sep 16, 2021)

CHESTER, Sept. 16 – State Rep. Brian Kirkland, D-Delaware, announced today that he had successfully worked with the Department of Community and Economic Development to secure a $200,000 grant to renovate the Chester Township Police Department’s building. The money will help provide needed renovations to the building, including the creation of a women’s locker room and the implementation of necessary upgrades. “We rely on our men and women in blue for so much in our community that I wanted to help them get the funding they need to improve the working conditions in their headquarters,” Kirkland said. “This state grant funding will help ensure that the Chester Township Police Department will run more efficiently by making the necessary physical improvements to the police headquarters possible.” Read more

State lawmakers announce $1.75M flood assistance program for Bucks residents

(Sep 15, 2021)

BRISTOL, Sept. 15 – State Rep. Tina Davis, D-Bucks, along with state Sen. Robert “Tommy” Tomlinson, R-Bucks, today announced the opening of a flood relief assistance program to aid Bucks County residents affected by the severe weather and flash flooding on July 12. Also in attendance at the Bucks County Redevelopment Authority in Bristol Wednesday afternoon were Rep. K.C. Tomlinson, R-Bucks, Bristol Township Council President Craig Bowen, Bensalem Mayor Joe DiGirolamo, Bucks County Redevelopment Authority representatives Board President Sean Schaefer and Executive Director Jeff Darwak. The Neighborhood Flood Assistance Program is funded by a $1.75 million grant secured by the lawmakers from the Department of the Community and Economic Development and will be administered by BCRDA. The program’s goal is to offer financial support to those who faced significant property loss or damage and were uninsured or underinsured. Assistance will not be given to landlords, businesses, or non-profit organizations. “I’m very glad to have been instrumental in securing this critical state funding for our residents who have been struggling since the July 12 th storm and flash foods destroyed their homes and so upended their lives,” Davis said. “Many have been forced to relocate in the storm’s aftermath. This state money will help our neighbors come home once again to rebuild their homes and their Read more

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Nelson: Community colleges in Pa. could be – and should be – free

(Sep 15, 2021)

Community colleges are such a valuable component of public education that 25 states are already promoting community college opportunities for free to their residents. Red states and blue states alike are investing in their own kids right now and growing because of it. Read more

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Hanbidge: If We Fail to Act on Behalf of Women’s Reproductive Rights, Pa. will Become the Next Texas

(Sep 15, 2021)

We are closer to being like Texas than you can imagine. It’s up to all of us to ensure we don’t end up there, which we can do by demanding our elected state officials protect our rights. Read more

Napoleon Nelson hosting ‘fireside chats’ with blockchain technology insiders

(Sep 14, 2021)

Nelson launched the Emerging Technologies Caucus this spring to help the commonwealth’s elected leaders learn about new and developing technology by working closely with innovators, including academics, entrepreneurs and businesses, and to help foster innovation while responsibly allowing Pennsylvania to compete in the new digital era. Read more

Hanbidge earns appointment to Task Force on Child Pornography

(Sep 14, 2021)

“As a child advocate, I witnessed the incredible power of working with a diverse group of professionals and experts united in the goal of making sure every child is safe. I look forward to working with and learning from the other members of the task force to ensure that every child in the commonwealth is safe from exploitation and victimization." Read more