Webster celebrates peace, harmony through participation in international conference

HARRISBURG, Oct. 5 – State Rep. Joe Webster, D-Montgomery, participated in the Jaihind Virtual Global Conference - Coming Together for Peace Harmony and Progress on Friday, Oct. 2, in support of International Non-Violence Day.

Webster began by pointing out the honor of participating in such an event on the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, a visionary and leader in nonviolent protest.

“Legislators like myself need to be aware of movements and campaigns to improve quality of life for all of our neighbors, whether they be physically next door or halfway around the world,” Webster said during participation Friday. “I support and congratulate you on putting together a global conference in the spirit of what benefits a healthy democracy and a healthy people.”

Webster gave examples of the success of nonviolent protest and civil disobedience as methods of change, such as the American Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s, Gandhi’s hunger strikes against the colonial British, and business boycotts against apartheid in South Africa.

“When coupled with nonviolence, civil disobedience leads to an effective journey that transforms the concerns of the people to tangible solutions,” Webster said. “Nonviolent protest is a stepping-stone toward concrete solutions through legislative actions that enforce systemic changes.”

Webster also stressed the need for citizens to engage in advocating for accountability and engagement from elected leaders.

“The causes that matter to us – social justice, human rights, equality in education, women’s health, the quality of our natural resources like air and water – are worth using both our individual and collective voices for change,” he said. 

Participants from 26 nations attended the five-day event to hear leaders from around the globe discuss the value and benefit of a healthy democracy. Topics included equality, social justice, education, youth empowerment, healthy society, women’s empowerment and sustainable farming at a grass roots level in India and beyond.

To learn more about the Jaihind People's Movement Team, visit jai-hind.org.in.