O’Mara appointed to Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency board

SPRINGFIELD, Jan. 21 – State Rep. Jennifer O’Mara, D-Delaware, today announced that she will serve as a member of the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency board of directors.

“Pennsylvania ranks third in the nation for highest student loan debt, with graduates owing an average of $38,000,” O’Mara said. “Receiving an education in Pennsylvania forces borrowers to postpone major life decisions such as buying a home or getting married because of the skyrocketing costs. If we don’t address the student debt crisis, our commonwealth’s professional workforce will gradually dwindle.”

As a founder of the bipartisan Student Debt Caucus, O’Mara said that finding solutions to Pennsylvanians’ rising student debt balance is among her top priorities as a legislator. She added that mounting student debt could impact not only the borrowers’ finances, but also the finances of their families, partners and grandparents.

“Working with PHEAA will put me in a better position to understand factors that contribute to Pennsylvania’s student debt crisis. I’m looking forward to using this experience to help me draft legislation with other members of the Student Debt Caucus to benefit past, present and future borrowers,” O’Mara said.

O’Mara’s appointment will last until June 30, 2021. She will attend her first board meeting today.

Anyone who needs more information can call O’Mara’s office at (610) 544-9878.