Ciresi: Mark Veterans Day as a school holiday

HARRISBURG, March 1 – To honor veterans for their patriotism and willingness to serve the common good, state Rep. Joe Ciresi, D-Montgomery, has introduced legislation that would make Veterans Day a school holiday in Pennsylvania.

As the law stands now, federal, bank and state workers are allowed off work to observe Veterans Day, though schools are not required to close.

“It is my belief that all public schools should treat Veterans Day with the same reverence as they do other holidays such as Memorial Day and Thanksgiving, requiring schools to be closed,” Ciresi said. “My legislation will require all public schools in Pennsylvania to mark Veterans Day as a school holiday to continue to show our respect for these brave Americans.”

Veterans Day is celebrated annually every Nov. 11. It was initially created to commemorate the end of World War I. Since 1954, Veterans Day has been an official holiday to honor all military veterans who served in defense of the United States.

Ciresi’s bill was introduced as H.B. 707 and is awaiting committee assignment.

More information is available by contacting Ciresi’s office at 484-200-8265.