Senator Santarsiero, Representative Davis Announce $255,000 for Bristol Township Watershed Restoration

BUCKS COUNTY  September 23, 2022 – State Senator Steve Santarsiero (D-10) and State Representative Tina Davis (D-141) announced today that Bristol Township will receive $255,000 in state funding for a watershed restoration project.

The project will improve the existing swales along Mill Creek near Plumbridge Drive in the township, helping to combat erosion of the existing swales and prevent the flow of sediment into the creek.

“Vegetated bioswales are an environmentally-friendly way to manage stormwater runoff and protect water quality in our local creeks,” said Sen. Santarsiero.  “Solutions like what Bristol Township is implementing here will preserve our natural resources while strengthening our infrastructure to combat increasingly severe weather.”

Bristol Township Manager Randee Elton described the project, noting, “With this funding, the Township has the opportunity to implement stormwater projects in an effort to reduce sediment in our waterways.  The focus area is along the wooded section of Mill Creek adjacent to the Plumbridge Drive. The existing swales exhibit signs of severe erosion occurring and lacks vegetation which allows sediment to flow directly into Mill Creek. The proposed installation of vegetated swales will improve Mill Creek to protect water quality, promote groundwater recharge, and provide a reduction of pollutants to the waterways.”

“This state grant award will help implement the Plumbridge BMP Vegetated Bioswales project in Bristol Township whose goal is to reduce runoff and ensure that it is cleaner and better for the environment,” Davis said. “As we are affected by increasingly violent storms due to climate change, we must be innovative and resourceful in our approaches to mitigating their impact on our communities.  This money will help us implement one such innovation in Bristol Township’s infrastructure.”

Council President Craig Bowen said, “The Township of Bristol is committed to preserving its natural resources and with the acceptance of this grant funding we are one step closer to that goal.”

For more information on the Watershed Restoration and Protection Program, visit the DCED website.