Ciresi: Montgomery County organizations, local police awarded nearly $5.7M in state grants

HARRISBURG, Dec. 15 – State Rep. Joe Ciresi, D-Montgomery, today announced that he helped secure nearly $5.7 million in public safety grants for Montgomery County awarded by the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency.

“Nothing is more important to me than making sure our residents are safe in their homes and on the streets of Montgomery County,” Ciresi said. “I am very glad I was able to help bring these state funds in to strengthen our local police departments, reduce gun violence, and support vulnerable, at-risk members of our communities. This money will make our communities safer, our families stronger, and provide a second chance to those who need it.”

The following grants were awarded.

Local Law Enforcement Support Grant Program:

  • $130,000 to Lower Pottsgrove Township for retention bonuses and purchasing and installing stationary License Plate Readers.
  • $403,761 to Pottstown Borough to replace pole cameras, and upgrade servers for the camera, record management, and other internal operating systems. These improvements are expected to help with investigations, deter crime, and help the Pottstown Police Department continue operating and providing necessary services.
  • $44,507 to West Pottsgrove Township to upgrade their Records Management System, acquire a TREK assist police patrol bike and related equipment and training, and support department policy updates and police force development.

State Medical Marijuana Act Enforcement Funds:

  • $52,797 to Lower Pottsgrove Township to provide overtime expenses while candidates attend SFST, ARIDE, and DRE training certifications. Funds will also be used for travel for conference expenses and court costs associated with the enforcement of the Medical Marijuana Act.

Gun Violence Investigation & Prosecution Grant Program:

  • $3.6 million to Montgomery County Commissioners for Operation Cease Fire, creating a specialized and centralized Gun Violence Task Force including forensic technology support for local municipalities in identifying, investigating and prosecuting gun trafficking, straw purchasing, and gun violence.

Women's Reentry Services Initiative:

  • $99,916 to the Services of Montgomery County to assist moderate- to high-risk women with a history of trauma and/or substance use who are returning, or recently released, from the Montgomery County Correctional Facility develop coping skills and recovery thinking, and become safer in their relationships, thinking and actions.

State Children's Advocacy Center Funds:

  • $47,000 to the Child Advocacy Center of Montgomery County to support high quality services to victims of child abuse in Montgomery County.

Federal Victims of Crime Act, State Rights and Services Act, and State Victims of Juvenile Offender Funds:

  • $303,664 to the Victim Services Center of Montgomery County
  • $718,339 to the Montgomery County Commissioners- DA
  • $81,248 to the Women’s Center of Montgomery County
  • $262,957 to Montgomery County Commissioners- JPO

“The West Pottsgrove Township Police Department is proud to announce the receipt of funding by the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency to implement and sustain a Body-Worn Camera program,” said West Pottsgrove Police Chief Joseph Sokolofski. “The BWC program is expected to enhance both the efficacy of the department, and the quality of police service provided to the citizens of and visitors to West Pottsgrove Township. The WPGPD acknowledges the PCCD for their support in this significant endeavor.”    

Established by law in 1978, the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency   serves as the justice planning and policymaking agency for Pennsylvania. By bringing together a wide range of experts in the fields of criminal and juvenile justice, victim services, and related professions, PCCD coordinates the collective examination of problems, proposes solutions, and evaluates the impact of those solutions.