Briggs, Webster fighting for fair, open elections

Every vote in every election matters, and it is a citizen’s democratic and civic duty to exercise the right to vote and shape our future.

Because of COVID-19, experts anticipate a large number of mail-in ballots will be cast this November. For the same reason, we saw a surge of mail-in ballots in our primary election in June.

There is no legal requirement for election results to be known on Election Day, but there is a constitutional mandate that our elections be free and fair. Even through this global pandemic, Pennsylvania has the mechanisms and plans in place to guarantee that necessity.

It is vital to be patient and allow every vote to be verified and counted, as we have throughout American history. This is how we respect the integrity of our democratic process. The 2020 general election will be an election unlike any other, with projected historic turnout alongside public health challenges. Every vote cast must be counted, and the will of the majority must be respected. This is the cornerstone of American democracy.

In late September, H.R. 1032 was introduced by Republicans to create a select committee of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. The integrity of Pennsylvania’s elections should not be suspect, and the implication that a select committee is needed for the 2020 election and its certification process is insulting to the citizens of our commonwealth.

A post-election review of Pennsylvania’s new voting procedures is appropriate and helpful, but this resolution does not provide that information or have the authority to exist beyond Nov. 30. The resolution reads like a powerplay to influence election results.

Your vote this November will shape the future of this country, and all eyes are on Pennsylvania due to its “battle state” status. This election will not only impact us in PA but also our brothers and sisters throughout the nation.

As your elected officials, we will always fight for fair and open elections. The foundations of good government depend on this constitutional right.

We ask you today to register to vote and cast your ballot to ensure your voice is heard!