Khan Working to End Youth Violence

(22 hours ago)

PA state Rep. Tarik Khan presents a $950,000 check to Northern Children Services of Roxborough on behalf of the Commonwealth. These funds will help Northern expand its successful programs teaching at-risk kids conflict resolution and leadership skills, and getting them career ready. Read more


Khan Helps Develop an Alzheimer’s Disease Task Force

(1 day ago)

Pa. state Rep. Tarik Khan spoke about legislation aimed at creating an Alzheimer’s Disease Task Force to assist the thousands of patient caregivers living in Pennsylvania. This task force would coordinate across state agencies, advocate for policy, and leverage resources to better respond to the unique and complex needs of those living with Alzheimer's and other dementia and the systems that support them. Read more


Health Committee approves Khan’s hospital price transparency bill

(Jun 12, 2024)

HARRISBURG, June 12 – Today, the House Health Committee approved legislation ( H.B. 2339 ) authored by state Rep. Tarik Khan, D-Phila., which would make it so that patients are provided with cost estimates for care at hospitals before they receive it. “Our bipartisan bill protects the public by ensuring hospitals are playing by the rules when it comes to being up front about costs to consumers. Most families in my community are paying thousands in out-of-pocket costs when they seek hospital care, and these are the ones that are already insured,” Khan said. “At the very least, Pennsylvanians should be able to know ahead of time what the costs are so they can plan ahead and shop around for care when possible. Our bill ensures hospitals follow federal guidelines for price transparency— which should be the bare minimum in our commonwealth.” This bill would require hospitals to maintain a publicly available list of all standard charges for all hospital items or services. Hospitals would be required to display their lists free of charge in a prominent location (or link) on the home page of their publicly accessible website. It also would provide state-level oversight based on current federal requirements from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services regarding prices charged to patients by hospitals. Khan is joined by a bipartisan group of legislators in introducing H.B. 2339, Read more


June 10, 2024 E-Newsletter

(Jun 12, 2024)

E-Newsletter from June 10, 2024 Read more


May 31, 2024 E-Newsletter

(May 31, 2024)

Rep. Khan's e-newsletter from May 31, 2024 Read more


Pushing Through for our First Responders

(May 31, 2024)

I’ll never forget the faces of the first responders I met during the earliest days of the pandemic. Those police, firefighter, and EMS workers pulled up in their emergency vehicles in the Citizens Bank Park lot for COVID-19 testing. As they rolled down their windows for me to gently swab their noses, I saw workers with running noses and bloodshot eyes. Most of the first responders I swabbed tested positive. Despite whatever personal fears they may have had in those early days— over 1.1 million Americans ended up dying following their COVID exposures—the look of determination and resolve in their eyes made it clear they wanted to do one thing. Push through and get back to their jobs serving the public. As they did during the pandemic, our police officers, firefighters, and emergency medical service professionals spend their days selflessly responding to traumas. They sign up knowing the risk to their bodies and their lives. But often it’s the trauma to their mental health that often proves the greatest challenge. First responders witness scenes of severe injury and death in the course of their work weeks. And some may witness and experience trauma multiple times a day. It is estimated that as many as 1 in 3 police officers, firefighters, and EMS personnel will experience post-traumatic stress injury (PTSI). Persons with PTSI have a 50% chance of developing major Read more


Khan Works to Improve Public Transit Safety

(May 22, 2024)

PA state Rep. Tarik Khan celebrates as his public transit safety legislation passes out of committee. The bill which he cosponsors with Rep. Joe Hohenstein, would make state-administered transit security grants available to agencies like SEPTA to ensure the safety of both passengers and employees Read more


May 14, 2024 E-Newsletter

(May 14, 2024)

Rep. Khan's E-Newsletter from May 14, 2024. Read more


Khan: #HappyNursesWeek

(May 09, 2024)

Celebrating #NursesWeek, PA state Rep. Tarik Khan joins a room full of nurses urging the #PASenate to pass the Parient Safety Act. Read more


Khan Recognizes Jewish and Muslim Heritage Months

(May 08, 2024)

Pa. state Rep. Tarik Khan says with so much uncertainty and conflict in the world, we have to embrace opportunities to come together as a community. Khan is proud to have worked with Pa. state Rep. Dan Frankel to officially recognize Jewish and Muslim Heritage Months in Pennsylvania. Read more


House adopts resolutions honoring Muslim and Jewish heritages

(May 07, 2024)

HARRISBURG, May 7 – On Monday, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives adopted two resolutions: H.R. 352- introduced by state Rep. Tarik Khan, D-Phila., to recognize July 2024 as “Muslim Heritage and Appreciation Month” in Pennsylvania. H.R. 365- introduced by state Rep. Dan Frankel, D-Allegheny, to recognize May 2024 as “Jewish American Heritage Month” in Pennsylvania. The resolutions were introduced as a package by the two legislators to celebrate both faiths. “Growing up as a Muslim kid in a Jewish neighborhood with a Catholic mom, I saw every day how diversity makes us stronger, better and more empathetic,” Khan said. “To paraphrase Mahatma Gandhi, ‘different religions are beautiful flowers from the same garden,’ and are equally true and majestic. Today’s resolutions are about celebrating these two equally beautiful and magnificent faiths.” “These two great faiths and cultures helped shape the world, and they also help shape almost every community in this commonwealth,” Frankel said. “At a time when conflict abroad has Jewish and Muslim Pennsylvanians feeling vulnerable, it’s more important than ever to create space for cultural education and appreciation.” Khan and Frankel were joined by several colleagues in the introduction of the two pieces of legislation, including state Reps. Read more


Reps. O’Mara, Scott, Khan, and Mayor Tuerk call for passage of bill focusing on first responders’ mental health

(May 02, 2024)

“I’ve treated first responders as a family nurse practitioner, and I’ve seen effects of PTSI on their health. Like a broken arm or leg, these injuries need time and support to heal," Khan said. Read more


Khan Fights for Capitol Accessibility

(May 02, 2024)

Pa. state Rep. Tarik Khan joined disability advocates, many with mobility issues, from around the Commonwealth as they climb the front steps of the state Capitol. Khan admired the strength of the advocates as they climbed up the steps to point out the lack of access to the Capitol, and says he will continue to fight to make sure people with disabilities have the access they need. Read more


Khan Rallies for Full Practice Authority

(May 01, 2024)

As a nurse practitioner himself, Pa. state Rep. Tarik Khan emphasized why it’s critical to adopt full practice authority for nurse practitioners, removing barriers that would allow them to deliver better care to their patients. As it stands, 27 states have adopted full practice authority and the longer Pennsylvania waits to act, the more NPs will leave the state to practice elsewhere. Read more


Our Bipartisan Veterans Legislation Helps Give Our Brave Heroes Their Due

(Apr 29, 2024)

Image: Rep Tarik Khan (D, Philadelphia) stands at podium with a bipartisan group of ten state legislators standing behind him in the PA Capitol Rotunda in Harrisburg, PA A s Printed in the Chestnut Hill Local, East Falls Now, and Roxborough Review By State Representative Tarik Khan As my mom tells it, the neighborhood kids always wanted Dave on their team. Dave’s speed and confidence meant that his team usually won. Dave also constantly cracked jokes, which made those pick-up game’s victory all the sweeter. But after Dave's gallant military service in Vietnam, he told friends he never quite felt like himself. His throat always seemed to itch and tingle. Like a few sips of water might clear it. But never really did. The nagging cough began later, and then seemed to be constant. And although he was always a thriving kid, Dave's cycle of recurrent sinus infections now seemed endless. Dave's respiratory issues and other seemingly unrelated health problems always stumped his doctors. He was tired a lot. His hands and feet constantly tingled. Dave could not conceive children anymore, even though he had kids before the war. Later in adulthood, Dave never seemed to be able to catch a full breath of air. Years after his service, Dave and his many fellow Vietnam veterans learned their array of health problems stemmed from their exposure to Agent Orange. This Read more


Khan Restocks Wissahickon Creek

(Apr 25, 2024)

Pa. state Rep. Tarik Khan spent an afternoon with state Rep. Mary Jo Daley along the Wissahickon Creek stocking it full of trout for the upcoming fishing season. Khan stresses the importance of getting outdoors and wishes you the best of luck this fishing season! Read more


Khan Recognizes 911 Public Safety Telecommunicators

(Apr 19, 2024)

Pa. state Rep. Tarik Khan spoke about legislation that would reclassify 911 Public Safety Operators as First Responders, which would grant them better benefits, negotiable wages, boost recruitment, and ensure workplace dignity among dispatchers. In many cases, these dispatchers are listening to someone who may be taking their last breath or someone who is witnessing someone else dying. It’s time that 911 dispatchers get the recognition they rightfully deserve. Read more


State lawmakers call for support for PA’s telecommunicators

(Apr 17, 2024)

HARRISBURG, April 17 – State Reps. Roni Green and Tarik Khan, both D-Phila., were joined by a bipartisan group of their legislative colleagues, public safety telecommunicators and advocates at the state Capitol today to celebrate “National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week” and discuss how the legislature can work to help Pennsylvania’s telecommunicators and 911 dispatchers. The telecommunicators and advocates who were present included Jack Morgan III, 911 operator from Allegheny County; Sara Slote, dispatch manager, Lancaster County 911; Bill Perkins, state constable; Garrett Rienhardt, recipient of life-saving care; Tyler Griffith, dispatcher; AFSCME members; and Gordon Zimmet, Local 1637 president. At the news conference, the legislators discussed a resolution (H.R. 377), introduced by Green that recognizes the week of April 14-20 “Public Safety Telecommunicators Week” in Pennsylvania. The resolution was adopted by the House later in the day. “911 dispatchers are the point of first contact between the caller and first responders. The speed and efficiency with which they work saves lives. They parse through heaps of information in very chaotic situations and support callers during what is often one of the most difficult moments of their lives,” Green said. “It’s time for the commonwealth to give back to 911 dispatchers the kind of support they give us. My daughter worked Read more


Khan to introduce bipartisan legislation empowering recovery community organizations

(Apr 10, 2024)

HARRISBURG, April 10 – State Rep. Tarik Khan, D-Phila., today announced he will soon introduce bipartisan legislation to help prevent opioid overdose and support long-term recovery. This legislation would require Medicaid coverage and licensure for recovery community organizations providing peer recovery support services. Recovery community organizations help individuals and their families as they navigate to successful recovery and healthy lifestyles; however, they are currently not a licensable entity type in Pennsylvania, and individuals with substance use disorder only qualify for peer recovery services through Medicaid if they also have a mental illness. “So proud to help lead this effort to increase access to support services for individuals with substance use,” Khan said. “As a nurse practitioner and state legislator, I am committed to supporting recovery community organizations— key allies in increasing recovery and reducing overdoses across the state.” This bill has support from advocates outside the legislature including Robert D. Ashford, executive director for Unity Recovery, and Lauryn Wicks, family member and advocate. "Peer support workers and recovery community organizations are such a critical part of how we respond to substance use and mental health concerns in Pennsylvania,” Ashford said. “This legislation ensures that peers can be paid Read more


April 8, 2024 E-Newsletter

(Apr 08, 2024)

Rep. Khan's E-Newsletter from April 8, 2024. Read more