Local government organization announces support for Davis’ bill to regulate recovery homes

(Apr 24, 2017)

HARRISBURG, April 24 – The Bucks County Association of Township Officials pledged its support recently for H.B. 355, sponsored by state Rep. Tina Davis, D-Bucks, which would establish a certification process for recovery residences and treatment protocols for the administration of Narcan. “The Bucks County Association of Township Officials pledges its support to House Bill 355,” Dan Rattigan, BCATO president said in a letter to Davis. “This bill will help to provide recovery facilities that will provide a higher success rate of achieving long-lasting sobriety …” Davis’ legislation would establish the State Board of Recovery Residences within the Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs. The board would develop and administer a voluntary certification program and code of ethics for recovery residences. A residence applying for certification would be inspected and monitored by the board. The bill also would require recovery homes to implement training and treatment protocols for the administration of Narcan. “The townships BCATO works to support on a daily basis see firsthand how unsafe, unhealthy and non-conducive to sobriety some of these recovery homes can be,” Davis said. “I am honored and encouraged to have BCATO’s support for my bill to strengthen the recovery system while our community addresses the ongoing heroin and opioid addiction epidemic.” Created in 1907, BCATO’s mission Read more


A nightmare on our doorstep: Deep cuts, painful impact

(Apr 21, 2017)

I have been deeply troubled by the first budget presented by President Trump, which puts the Community Development Block Grant and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Community Services Block Grant programs on the chopping block. The Courier Times article from March 21st detailed just how devastating these cuts would be for our community. Read more


Davis to offer free paper shredding event Saturday, April 22

(Apr 17, 2017)

LEVITTOWN, April 17 – State Rep. Tina Davis will hold a free shredding event for constituents to safely dispose of confidential, unwanted documents from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. Saturday, April 22 across the street from her office at 4530 New Falls Road. There is a five-bag/box limit, and paper clips should be removed. Staples are OK. Paper will be shredded on site and recycled. Davis requests that attendees bring a canned food donation to the event, as well, although it is not necessary. Her office staff will post a collection box at the event and deliver the food to an area food bank for vulnerable families in the community. Common types of unwanted items that should be shredded include credit card statements, credit card applications, bank statements, canceled checks, income tax information, insurance records and retirement information. More information is available by calling Davis’ office at 267-580-2660. Read more


4/10/17 – House Bill 355 – Levittown

(Apr 17, 2017)

Testimonies from House Democratic Policy Committee hearing hosted by State Rep. Tina Davis. Read more


Policy Committee examines Davis’ certified recovery residence bill

(Apr 10, 2017)

LEVITTOWN, APRIL 10 – State Rep. Tina Davis, D-Bucks, hosted a House Democratic Policy Committee hearing at the Ben Franklin Middle School on her House Bill 355 that would establish certification for recovery residences. “I’m glad parents, local officials and recovery houses were represented at today’s Policy Committee hearing. We collected great information to help communities managing recovery residences and more detail about how my bill can help strengthen the recovery system,” explained Davis. Davis’ legislation would establish the State Board of Recovery Residences within the Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs. The Board would develop and administer a voluntary certification program and code of ethics for recovery residences. A residence applying for certification would be inspected and monitored by the Board. The bill would also require recovery homes to implement training and treatment protocols for the administration of Narcan. Testifiers included parents Jessica Scheiber Blackburn, Angelina Mundy, and Leonard Spearing; Diane Rosati, executive director, Bucks County Drug & Alcohol Commission; Bryan Kennedy, owner, Independence Lodge Sober Living; Micki Kaisinger, owner, Emilie House; Howard Allen, councilman, Bristol Township; Tom Tosti, supervisor, Middletown Township. Hearing materials are available at www.pahouse.com/PolicyCommittee . Read more


Davis to host Policy Committee hearing on her certified recovery residence bill Monday in Levittown

(Apr 05, 2017)

LEVITTOWN, APRIL 5 – State Rep. Tina Davis will host a House Democratic Policy Committee hearing on her H.B. 355 that would establish certification for recovery residences. The public hearing will be held 2 p.m. Monday, April 10 at the Ben Franklin Middle School Auditorium, 640 Mill Creek Road. Davis requested the hearing to collect testimony about how local communities are handling recovery residences and to discuss additional safeguards that she believes would protect the recovery system and community. The current agenda is: 2 p.m. Welcome and opening remarks 2:10 p.m. Panel One: Jessica Scheiber Blackburn , parent Angelina Mundy , parent Leonard Spearing , parent 2:30 p.m. Panel Two: Diane Rostai , executive director, Bucks County Drug & Alcohol Commission Bryan Kennedy , owner/operator, Freedom Lodge Micki Kaisinger , owner/operator, Emilie House 3:10 p.m. Panel Three: Howard Allen , councilman, Bristol Township Tom Tosti , supervisor, Middletown Township Amy Strouse , supervisor, Middletown Township Mike Clarke , solicitor, Falls Township 3:50 p.m. Closing remarks Read more


Valley Forge PA Legislative Appointment Initiative extended to July 1st

(Apr 03, 2017)

Applicants now have until July 1st each year to apply for the LAI to attend Valley Forge Military College in the fall. There is no difference in process or award amounts between 1st-round nominees and 2nd-round nominees. What is the PA Legislative Appointment Initiative? The Pennsylvania Legislative Appointment Initiative (LAI) currently allows each of Pennsylvania’s 203 Representatives, and 50 Senators, to appoint a student from their district as the Commonwealth Scholar for guaranteed admission and a guaranteed partial scholarship to Valley Forge Military College — The Military College of Pennsylvania. A student awarded the Legislative Appointment Initiative Scholarship may receive the award for up to two years. Am I eligible to apply? The Legislative Scholarship is only available to Pennsylvania residents only at Valley Forge Military College, The Military College of Pennsylvania. The minimum academic requirements are a cumulative high school GPA of 2.50 (on a 4.0 scale) and a combined verbal and math SAT score of 1000 (or an ACT score of 17). You can apply directly through your local state representative’s or senator’s office or you can apply for the program by applying first to Valley Forge. You must be a Pennsylvania resident. You also must be a legal resident of the district from where you apply. When can I apply? You can apply at any time during your senior year up until July 1st of the year you wish to attend. Read more


Davis announces two state grants for area sewer improvements

(Mar 30, 2017)

LEVITTOWN, March 30 – The Commonwealth Financing Authority approved this week two Pennsylvania Small Water and Sewer grants to improve and rehabilitate area sewer infrastructure, announced state Rep. Tina Davis, D-Bucks. One $243,278 grant was awarded to Penndel Borough for upgrading sewer intakes there. Another $347,833 grant was awarded to Bristol Township to replace the generator for its wastewater treatment facility. “These improvements will maintain our sewer infrastructure in the area and keep overflow out of the Delaware River,” Davis said. “The grant funding also helps offset costs to users, which is great news for the residents of Penndel and Bristol Township.” Under auspices of the Department of Community and Economic Development and backed by the CFA, the Pennsylvania Small Water and Sewer grant program funds activities to assist with the construction, improvement, expansion, or rehabilitation or repair of a water supply or sanitary sewer system. Eligible projects must have a total project cost between $30,000 and $500,000, and funding is available for municipalities and municipal authorities. Read more


PA's HealthyWoman program

(Mar 24, 2017)

The Pennsylvania Department of Health is offering a program to provide free breast and cervical cancer screenings to Pennsylvania residents. Early detection is, of course, key in fighting these debilitating diseases, so I strongly encourage anyone who has not had recent testing done to learn more about this opportunity. For those who meet eligibility requirements, HealthyWoman offers clinical breast exams, mammograms, pelvic examinations and Pap smears, and follow-up diagnostic tests for abnormal results. Eligibility is based on age, Pennsylvania residency, income and insurance status. For a full list of eligibility requirements and details on the program, please click here . Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer death among women, and since the risk increases with age, it’s vitally important to schedule regular checkups with your doctor or use the HealthyWoman program. As always, if you had any questions or concerns about any state government-related issue, please don’t hesitate to contact my office. Read more


Davis Honors Women’s History Month

(Mar 20, 2017)

Pa. state Rep. Tina Davis speaks on the House Floor in support of H.R. 88, a Resolution recognizing the month of March 2017 as "National Women's History Month" and March 8, 2017, as "International Women's Day" in Pennsylvania. Read more


Davis sworn into office, receives committee assignments

(Jan 24, 2017)

HARRISBURG, Jan. 24 – As the 2017-18 legislative session gets into full swing, state Rep. Tina Davis, said she is ready to work with and on behalf of Bucks County and the 141 st District. Davis was sworn into office Monday by Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Debra Todd. She was unable to attend the official swearing-in ceremonies on Jan. 3 due to a medical issue. "As with the beginning of anything, there is a fresh optimism and another opportunity to adjust Pennsylvania's course for the good of all its residents," Davis said. "I am prepared to do my part." Davis also received her standing committee assignments for the new session. She will serve on the House Consumer Affairs, Gaming Oversight, Insurance, Judiciary and Professional Licensure committees. "I look forward to my continued work on the Consumer Affairs, Gaming Oversight and Insurance committees," said Davis, D-Bucks. "Working on these committees will continue to give me added insight into the many issues facing Pennsylvania, from how anticipated changes to insurance at the federal level will impact the commonwealth, to electric, natural gas and water rates, pipeline safety and how gaming can contribute to economic development and county services. "I also am excited about my involvement with the Judiciary and Professional Licensure committees, which are two new appointments for me. I look forward to helping advance legislation that will protect Buck Read more


Davis: New law should help attract, retain volunteer firefighters, EMS

(Jan 20, 2017)

LEVITTOWN, Jan. 20 – A new law passed by the General Assembly last session will help municipalities retain dwindling numbers of volunteer firefighters and emergency medical responders, said state Rep. Tina Davis, who voted for it. Act 172 of 2016 allows municipalities to grant tax credits on Earned Income and property taxes to active volunteer firefighters and emergency medical service volunteers. The tax credit can be up to 20 percent of the volunteer's tax liability. “This is a great opportunity to not only say thank you to those who volunteer and put themselves in harm’s way for others, but to attract and recruit more volunteers,” said Davis, D-Bucks. “Our ranks of volunteer first responders have been steadily decreasing, and we need to be doing more to reverse this trend. “Volunteer fire departments and EMS organizations save Pennsylvania taxpayers nearly $10 billion each year.” Municipalities may base the credit on the number of calls a volunteer responds to; the volunteer's level of participation in training; or time spent on fundraising, equipment maintenance and other functions. Local officials say the hours required for training, responding to incidents and raising funds keep potential volunteers away. The number of volunteer firefighters in Pennsylvania has dropped from 300,000 in 1977 to about 50,000 today. Read more


Pa. granted extension on REAL ID compliance

(Jan 20, 2017)

Pennsylvania received a limited extension through June 6 to update driver’s licenses to meet requirements under the federal REAL ID Act of 2005, but the General Assembly must still act quickly to comply. Without action, Pennsylvanians could be denied access to federal facilities and eventually even airline travel. Specifically, Pennsylvanians will need federally approved ID for air travel beginning Jan. 22, 2018, and with the limited extension we will need a federally approved ID to access federal buildings, nuclear power plants and military bases beginning June 7, 2017. Rest assured, I am following this issue very closely and am doing everything possible to ensure that we pass comprehensive changes to comply with the federal government. Please visit https://www.dhs.gov/real-id/pennsylvania for the most up to date information on the requirements and remember that my office can help you obtain a birth certificate or driver’s license. Read more


Unemployment Compensation Assistance

(Jan 12, 2017)

Get more info on what you can do now that several Unemployment Compensation Service Centers have closed and longer wait times are being experienced by those looking for help. Read more


License Your Dog in PA

(Dec 22, 2016)

All dogs three months or older must be licensed by Jan. 1 of each year. Violators can be cited with a maximum fine of $300 per violation plus court costs. An annual license is $8.50 and a lifetime license is $51.50. If the animal is spayed or neutered, the annual fee is $6.50 and lifetime is $31.50. Discounts are available to older adults and people with disabilities. The small license fee helps the millions of dogs in the state by funding the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement. Dog licenses are available from your local county treasurer and other licensing agents. Reasons for dog licensing: It’s the law. All dogs three months or older must have a current license. If your dog gets lost, a license is the best way to get him back. A license helps animal control and shelters identify your dog and get him back home safely. The cost of a license is less than the penalty for being caught without one. Owners who fail to license their dogs could face a fine of up to $300 for each unlicensed dog. License fees support animal control. The annual fee you pay to license your dog helps keep shelters running and supports the work of the Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement, which is responsible for ensuring the welfare of dogs, regulating dangerous dogs and overseeing annual licensing and rabies vaccinations. Read more


myCOMPASS Mobile App available now

(Dec 13, 2016)

The myCOMPASS PA online app is now available for download on the Apple and Google Play app stores for use on iPhones and Android smartphones. Among other features, myCOMPASS PA will allow individuals to take photos of necessary documents and upload them directly to their case files through a secure, safe environment. Other key features include: Users will be able to view benefits details after logging in to their myCOMPASS account; Individuals can view their processing status of their applications; and Update case-related information such as address, phone number, email address, and voter registration. In the two weeks after it launched in the Apple store, 4,669 users downloaded the app with 13,680 clients viewing the status of their benefits, 1,568 documents were uploaded, and the app received a 5-star rating. myCOMPASS PA is estimated to save an average of $3.2 million per year by reducing mail processing time, manual information entry, call center calls, postage and printing. Read more


Rep. Davis' office has moved to Levittown; Tips to thwart card skimmers

(Dec 02, 2016)

Rep. Davis reports that her district office is now located in the Nectar Plaza shopping center along New Falls Road between Route 413 and Bristol-Oxford Valley Road, Levittown Read more


Help enrolling in health insurance moving to Rep. Davis' new Levittown office

(Nov 29, 2016)

Rep. Tina Davis reports that beginning Dec. 1, constituent services will be consolidated at her new office at 4530 New Falls Road, Levittown PA 19056. Read more


Pa.-N.J. tax agreement to remain in effect

(Nov 23, 2016)

Rep. Tina Davis reports that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has decided NOT to rescind the income tax reciprocity agreement between Pennsylvania and New Jersey, an important victory for families who would have been subject to higher income taxes. Read more


Rep. Davis' offices will move into one central district office beginning Dec. 1; Help available with heating assistance, property tax, rent rebates

(Nov 22, 2016)

Rep. Tina Davis reports that her district offices will be consolidated to one office in Levittown beginning Dec. 1. Read more