At Risk: Small Mobile Home Parks

(Aug 21, 2018)

COOLBAUGH TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- People living in smaller mobile home parks in Pennsylvania may be at risk when they drink or bathe in water from nearby wells. That's because some of the rules that protect people in larger development parks do not apply to the smaller ones. Read more


Madden to host Tele-Town Hall Aug. 23

(Aug 17, 2018)

STROUDSBURG, Aug. 17 – State Rep. Maureen Madden, D-Monroe, invites residents of the 115th District to participate in a Tele-Town Hall at 7 p.m. Aug. 23. Read more


Make sure YOU get the call for my Telephone Town Hall

(Aug 17, 2018)

Want to take part? Please click the link and give us permission to call your cell phone today. Read more


Madden to hold Policy Committee hearing on school safety Tuesday in Stroudsburg

(Aug 16, 2018)

STROUDSBURG, Aug. 16 – In alignment with the House Democratic Caucus’ Plan4PA, state Rep. Maureen Madden, D-Monroe, announced she will host a House Democratic Policy Committee public hearing to discuss school safety. The hearing will be held at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 21 at Hughes Library, 1002 N. Ninth St., Stroudsburg. Madden, who serves on the House Education Committee, said she requested the hearing because ensuring that Pennsylvania schoolchildren can learn and teachers can teach in a safe and secure environment are vital to the learning process. Madden will be joined by a number of state representatives from across the commonwealth, including Policy Committee Chairman Mike Sturla, D-Lancaster. The current agenda is: 5:30 p.m. Welcome and opening remarks 5:40 p.m. Panel One: Marcus Brown Deputy chief of staff, office of Gov. Tom Wolf Derin Myers Acting executive director, Pennsylvania Commission on Crime & Delinquency Lt. Joseph Sparich Troop N Stroudsburg station commander, Pennsylvania State Police Trooper Kevin Jancewicz Bureau of Criminal Investigation and Risk & Vulnerability Assessment Team member, Pennsylvania State Police 6:20 p.m. Panel Two: Jill Shoesmith Educational director, Evergreen Community School Sarah Henry Student, Evergreen Community School Olivia DeRosa Member, The Acceptance Project Taha Vahanvaty Read more


Madden Fights for Affordable, Accessible Health Care

(Jul 25, 2018)

Pa. state Rep. Maureen Madden participated in a House Democratic Policy Committee hearing in Allentown to discuss a bill that would provide protections for Pennsylvanians who need health care but have a pre-existing condition. Read more


Madden: Reduce the Wait for Services for the Disabled

(Jul 24, 2018)

Pa. state Rep. Maureen Madden participated in a House Democratic Policy Committee hearing to discuss the importance of state and local services in helping people with physical and intellectual disabilities. With large numbers of eligible people stuck on waiting lists, Madden hopes to find ways to increase funding and availability for those needing these vital programs. Read more


Rep. Madden responsible for $1.4 million state traffic grant in Monroe County

(Jul 12, 2018)

MONROE COUNTY, July 12 – State Rep. Maureen Madden, D-Monroe, is pleased that Monroe County will get $1.41 million from the state’s Green Light-Go Program. Madden said the state funding will help with traffic signal systems in Pocono Township at seven intersections along State Routes 611 and 715, at 10 intersections along U.S. Route 209 in Smithfield Township and Middle Smithfield and in Stroud Township adding an intersection to the existing system and a traffic light signal system at four intersections along State Route 611. “My constituents will be able to walk and ride across these busy intersections much safer and with ease,” Madden said. “One of my main concerns as a legislator is making the roadways easier, safer and quicker to travel on and these projects do just that.” The Department of Transportation’s Green-Light-Go program was established in 2013 as a traffic signal modernization and improvement program for critical corridors designed to improve safety and mobility by reducing congestion and improving efficiency on key state highways. The program is competitive, requiring an at least 20 percent match for municipalities, counties or planning organizations that request assistance. Projects that qualify for the program include study and removal of unwarranted traffic signals; traffic signal retiming; development of detour, special event and operations plans, LED replacement, asset management, real-time monitoring of Read more


Madden Hosts Womens Day Expo

(Jun 23, 2018)

Pa. state Rep. Maureen Madden hosted her second annual Women's Day Expo at Stroudsburg High School, bringing women together to celebrate their strength, diversity and success in the community and to help connect them with a variety of programs and services that are available. Read more


Madden: Keep Families Together

(Jun 21, 2018)

Pa. state Rep. Maureen Madden rallied with colleagues and advocates to fight for immigration reform that ensures families stay together and aren’t ripped apart at the border. Read more


Rep. Madden praises state budget with educational funding hike and no tax increase

(Jun 20, 2018)

HARRISBURG, June 20 – State Rep Maureen Madden, D-Monroe, said she is pleased that all school districts in the 115 th Legislative District have received funding increases in the recently passed 2018-19 state budget that also contains no new taxes. “While I am pleased that the House passed the state budget with these education increases, I am still hopeful that in the near future all school districts will be funded fair and equitability," Madden said. Madden is co-sponsoring legislation ( H.B. 2501) authored by state Rep. Chris Rabb, D-Phila., which would require that 100 percent of state funds are distributed through the fair funding formula effective immediately. Madden said Pennsylvania’s 500 school districts still suffer from the greatest funding disparity in the nation. “Your ZIP code should not determine the school funding in your district. School districts with the greatest student poverty are always hit hardest,” Madden said. The Monroe County lawmaker said the $32.7 billion fiscal plan will help move her district forward by investing in initiatives that benefit families. “Everyone in Pennsylvania deserves access to a quality education, child care, and better resources and services, and this budget does just that,” Madden said. Read more


Rep Madden to hold Women's Day Expo on Saturday

(Jun 19, 2018)

State Rep. Maureen Madden, D-Monroe, is inviting everyone to her second annual Women’s Day Expo from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday, June 23, at the Stroudsburg High School Cafeteria, 110 W. Main St. in Stroudsburg. “It is important for women of all ages to learn about the different state-related and other local programs available to them and their families,” Madden said. “I am encouraging women and men to visit the expo and find out how available programs may suit their needs.” Madden said that there are over 50 agencies and organizations participating, including Pinnacle Treatment Centers, Monroe County Transit Authority, PHEAA, the Lehigh Valley Health Network, East Stroudsburg University, Pennsylvania Department of Health, and Monroe County Women’s Commission. Those interested can contact Madden’s office at (570) 894-7905 or (570) 420-2850 for more information. Read more


Madden: Enough Study – it’s Time for Action

(Jun 18, 2018)

Pa. state Rep. Maureen Madden speaks out against yet another delaying tactic to deny victims of workplace sexual harassment a voice – blasting a call for yet another study of a problem everyone knows is happening instead of moving forward with real solutions to help victims and prevent future abuse. Read more


Madden Helps Secure Grant For Feeding Families Ministry

(Jun 14, 2018)

Pa. state Rep. Maureen Madden joined Feeding Families Ministry for a ribbon cutting ceremony for their new van which was purchased with grant money Rep. Madden helped secure. The van will help pickup and transport larger food deliveries helping Feeding Families Ministry feed more people in the community. Read more


House of Representatives Recognizes Scholarship Winners

(Jun 11, 2018)

Stroudsburg High School student Brendan Zambrano is one of two winners of the 2018-19 Pennsylvania House of Representatives Scholarship. Zambrano resides in Pa. state Rep. Maureen Madden's district and plans to attend Temple University in the fall. Read more


Rep. Madden brings home $800,000 for Monroe County Airport

(May 25, 2018)

MONROE COUNTY, May 25 – State Rep Maureen Madden, D-Monroe, announced that the Pocono Mountains Municipal Airport will receive an $800,000 grant through the state’s Aviation Transportation Assistance Program. The grant will help pay for the $1.6 million total project cost to construct hangars. “Our local airport is an important part of the transportation infrastructure,” Madden said. “The airport employs people within our community and services thousands of flights each year.” In 2017, Madden was successful in acquiring an $800,000 grant to the same airport to upgrade its facilities. In total, Madden was responsible for getting $1.6 million in transportation funding to her region. “I am committed to making this airport a valuable transportation resource and like all other projects, it must be upgraded in order to meet supply demands and keep the jobs here,” Madden said. The state grants are distributed through the Aviation Transportation Assistance Program, which is a capital budget program funded with bonds. The state grants are matched with local funds. The public use airports in Pennsylvania are eligible for the Aviation Development Program. For more information on aviation in the state visit . Read more


Wolf delivers MCTI $510k grant

(May 08, 2018)

BARTONSVILLE - Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf visited the Monroe Career and Technical Institute Friday morning bearing gifts in the form of a $510,000 grant for its welding shop and scholarships for low income students. Read more


Stroudsburg student wins House of Representatives scholarship

(May 03, 2018)

HARRISBURG, May 3 – Stroudsburg High School student Brendan Zambrano is one of two winners of the 2018-19 Pennsylvania House of Representatives Scholarship, announced state Rep. Maureen Madden. Read more


Madden Announces Grant For MCTI

(Apr 27, 2018)

Pa. state Rep. Maureen Madden joined Governor Tom Wolf and school officials to announce a $510,000 grant for the Monroe Career and Technical Institute to help replace aging welding equipment and expand job training programs. Read more


Madden testifies at House Labor and Industry Committee hearing on work place discrimination (WITH VIDEO)

(Apr 24, 2018)

State Rep. Maureen Madden, D-Monroe, today testified before members of the Pennsylvania House Labor and Industry Committee on her legislation that would strengthen protections against sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace. Madden’s legislation would ensure that all workers across the state are safeguarded. Currently, coverage under the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act only applies to employees with four or more employees. “My legislation would protect everyone -- 314,000 more workers, including full-time nannies, housekeepers and other domestic workers, independent contractors and interns -- from workplace harassment and abuse,” Madden said. "For far too long we have left these hardworking employees vulnerable and I plan to defend them.” Madden said small companies and the employees that are instrumental in making those companies successful, are at the heart of Pennsylvania’s economy. She said thousands of employees are without legal protections against sexual harassment and discrimination. “Victims of workplace sexual harassment and discrimination are traumatized, and in many cases scarred for life. My legislation intends to change that scenario,” Madden said. According to the 2015 census, there are approximately 153,000 companies with four or fewer employees. Read more


Grants support affordable housing, water project

(Apr 17, 2018)

HARRISBURG, April 17 – State Rep. Maureen Madden said three Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency grants totaling $205,000 were awarded to lessen the low-income housing crisis in Monroe County and to help complete a local water project. Read more