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Grandparents raising grandchildren

Pashinski proposes health care task force

(Aug 09, 2017)

Dozens filled Rodano’s in Wilkes-Barre on Tuesday night for a discussion on health care hosted by state Rep. Eddie Day Pashinski. Read more


Pashinski invites constituents to discussion on health care

(Aug 03, 2017)

State Rep. Eddie Day Pashinski, D-Luzerne, today invited constituents to a discussion on the rising cost of health care and what direction the American health care system should take at 6 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 8 at Rodano’s Pizza, 53 Public Square, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18701. Read more


Protecting Taxpayers & Protecting our Environment

(Aug 03, 2017)

Pa. state Rep. Eddie Day Pashinski talks about the legacy of King Coal and how Pennsylvania's taxpayers just can't afford to make the same mistakes with the Marcellus Shale drilling industry, explaining how we need a fair, reasonable tax that protects jobs, protects taxpayers and gives us the tools we need to protect clean water. Read more


Pashinski pursuing discharge resolution for mandatory budget-negotiation sequestering

(Jul 28, 2017)

State Rep. Eddie Day Pashinski, D-Luzerne, this week called on Speaker of the House Mike Turzai to return the House to session and take up Pashinski’s discharge resolution on House Bill 1416, legislation that would sequester people responsible for budget negotiations until a compromise is reached. Read more


Scam warning: Facts about the new Medicare Cards

(Jul 26, 2017)

Learn about the new Medicaid cards being issued next year and how you can protect yourself from scammers. Read more


Workers in Berks

(Jul 24, 2017)

Berks Labor Council Education Chair Stephanie Towles discusses historical and current labor union trends in Pennsylvania as well as right to work legislation with PA State Representative Eddie Day Pashinski. Read more


Following latest budget debacle, it’s time to use revenue options

(Jul 14, 2017)

For the past seven years, my Republican colleagues on the other side of the aisle have had majority control of our state government. For four of those years, they’ve had total control. During that time, their fiscal policy has been disastrous for Pennsylvania. Rather than engage in real solutions for recurring revenue, each budget has ended with half-solutions, fuzzy math and kicking the can down the road to be dealt with at a later time. Read more


Agriculture Gets Boost in Pennsylvania Spending Plan

(Jul 10, 2017)

Legislators sent part of Pennsylvania’s budget to Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf on June 30. Work is not complete, as the General Assembly has to figure out how to pay for the $32 billion spending plan.House Bill 218 was approved by the House by a vote of 173-27 and by the Senate, 43-7.The next steps are Senate Bill 325 and the fiscal code, which will direct where the funds come from to pay for the spending plan. Read more


Rally held in support of raising state’s minimum wage

(Jul 07, 2017)

The minimum wage has not increased in Pennsylvania in about a decade, and a group gathered at City Hall on Thursday believes a hike is long overdue.Speakers at the rally said raising the $7.25-per-hour minimum rate is a critical step to increase the earnings of workers in Pennsylvania. It would also provide additional income tax revenue while ensuring that working families have access to basic needs, they argued. Read more


Pashinski Hails Stronger Animal Protection Law

(Jun 28, 2017)

Pa. state Rep. Eddie Day Pashinski joined Governor Tom Wolf, lawmakers, animal activists and officials for the enactment of Act 10 of 2017, the landmark overhaul of Pennsylvania’s animal protection laws known as "Libre's Law" Read more


Pashinski fighting cuts in funding for opioid treatment

(Jun 27, 2017)

As the state budget deadline once again looms, state Rep. Eddie Day Pashinski on Monday toured CleanSlate Addiction Treatment Center to learn how proposed funding cuts would hurt treatment for opioid addiction.Pashinski, D-Wilkes-Barre, said more than 3,500 Pennsylvanians died from opioid overdoses in 2016 and 2017 projections are even higher.“This is an epidemic,” Pashinski said. “We need to make sure these centers receive the funding they need to fight this problem.” Read more


Pashinski: Say “NO” to TrumpCare

(Jun 26, 2017)

At a capitol rally against TrumpCare, Pa. state Rep. Eddie Day Pashinski says the bill will not lower healthcare costs and ensure everyone can receive care when needed. Read more


Pashinski: Funding crucial to fighting opioid epidemic

(Jun 26, 2017)

Following a tour of a CleanSlate addiction treatment center in Wilkes-Barre, state Rep. Eddie Day Pashinski, D-Luzerne, reiterated the importance of fighting Pennsylvania's opioid epidemic with proper funding in the soon-to-be finalized budget and expressed the need to reinstate funding called for by Gov. Tom Wolf that was cut from the Republican budget proposal. Read more


Pashinski: Right to Work is Wrong

(Jun 20, 2017)

Pa. state Eddie Day Pashinski speaks at a Capitol labor rally in defense of jobs that provide family sustaining wages, good benefits and a Pennsylvania worker's right to unionize. Read more


State Rep. Eddie Day Pashinski’s measure will combat noxious weeds

(Jun 19, 2017)

A local state lawmaker is ready to do battle with an enemy that’s capable of consuming farmland, forests and even water.State Rep. Eddie Day Pashinski, D-Wilkes-Barre, recently introduced House Bill 790, which calls for a more aggressive approach in combating noxious and invasive plants. Read more


Democratic Ag Chairman Keeps Door Open to Learn More

(Jun 16, 2017)

Rep. Eddie Day Pashinski might not seem like your typical chairman on the House Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee.He did not grow up on a farm or study agriculture, and he doesn’t represent a predominantly rural district.A relative newcomer to the agriculture committee, the six-term Wilkes-Barre Democrat was appointed the minority chairman in January and dived right into learning more about the issues facing farmers and rural Pennsylvanians. Read more


State legislators introduce new bills aim at making voting easier, increasing turnout

(Jun 14, 2017)

“We should never, never suppress the vote. Just be honest with the people. Let them make their choice. We have no problem with them making their choice.”State Rep. Eddie Day Pashinski along with other state legislators, speaking at a press conference in Harrisburg today about new potential policy changes that could make it easier for Pennsylvanians to cast their votes in elections and hopefully increase voter turnout. Read more


Pashinski: It's Time for Early Voting

(Jun 13, 2017)

Pa. state Rep. Eddie Day Pashinski spoke at a press conference in Harrisburg about making Pennsylvania's elections easier for voters to do their civic duty. Pashinski has introduced legislation that would establish early voting in Commonwealth elections. Read more


Pashinski introduces legislation aimed at helping grandfamilies

(Jun 12, 2017)

Citing a growing need due to Pennsylvania’s opioid epidemic, state Rep. Eddie Day Pashinski, D-Luzerne, introduced two pieces of legislation aimed at helping grandfamilies who take temporary custody of young relatives.“I’ve been working on this legislation for several years, but with families being broken apart by the opioid epidemic, it’s necessary now more than ever to help grandparents and other family members who are caring for grandchildren or nieces and nephews,” Pashinski said. “It’s easy to overlook, but grandfamilies often encounter unique legal problems where the law is unclear, such as making medical decisions or enrolling a child in school.” Read more


Pashinski bill targeting harmful weeds passes House

(May 22, 2017)

State Rep. Eddie Day Pashinski, D-Luzerne, Democratic chairman of the House Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee, thanked House legislators for supporting and ultimately passing his H.B. 790, legislation that would establish the Controlled Plant and Noxious Weed Act to regulate plants deemed harmful to agriculture. Read more