Schweyer Pushing for Minimum Wage Increase

(Aug 18, 2016)

Pa. state Rep. Peter Schweyer gives a brief review of the 2016-17 state budget and talks about efforts to increase the minimum wage in Pennsylvania to help working families who are struggling to make ends meet. Read more


Budget provides more funding for education, human services and fight in opioid epidemic

(Jul 13, 2016)

On June 30, I joined colleagues from both sides of the aisle and voted for the $31.53 billion budget plan for the new fiscal year that has just begun. While the overall budget is far from perfect, it does address several of my top priorities: 1) More funding for education in Allentown, 2) New dollars to combat heroin and opioid abuse and 3) Restoration of some funds for social service agencies. Funding for Education in Allentown : This budget increased funding for our schools by $200 million. Allentown Schools will receive about $6 million of that increase. This is a tremendous investment in our public schools. In addition, this budget includes $30 million for pre-K and Head Start and a $20 million increase for special education. Allentown’s kids deserve the best chance to succeed, and this is a true investment in their future. Combatting Heroin and Opioid Abuse : Pennsylvania is facing a prescription drug and heroin epidemic that is spiraling out of control and too many of our residents have been touched by this epidemic. This budget dedicates $15 million to combat heroin and opioid addiction, including funds for emergency addiction treatment and behavioral health services. I am aware of a number of organizations that are working to bring some of those resources to the Lehigh Valley to help us combat this crisis here at home. Support for Social Service Agencies : Last year, many of our social service agencies were forced to shut down because the budget Read more


Schweyer: On-Time Budget Helps Schools

(Jun 30, 2016)

Pa. state Rep. Peter Schweyer says the House passed an on-time state budget with an overwhelmingly bipartisan vote that delivers an extra $250 million in funding for schools, with roughly six million dollars going to help the Allentown School District. Read more


Schweyer Outlines Budget Priorities

(Jun 23, 2016)

Pa. state Rep. Peter Schweyer discusses his priorities for the 2016-17 state budget and his outlook for the upcoming process and timeline. Read more


Schweyer: A Woman’s Health is Between Her and Her Doctor

(Jun 21, 2016)

Pa. state Rep. Peter Schweyer stands up for women’s reproductive rights by opposing a law that would make Pennsylvania’s laws the most restrictive in the nation, banning all abortions after 20 weeks regardless of medical need. Read more


Schweyer introduces legislation to expand neighborhood tax credit program

(Jun 14, 2016)

HARRISBURG, June 14 – State Rep. Peter Schweyer, D-Lehigh, today introduced legislation that would add another category to the commonwealth’s Neighborhood Assistance Program tax credits. House Bill 2162 would amend the Neighborhood Assistance Act (Act 48 of 1994) to add “Public Health Concerns” to the eligible project criteria. "Every community has a community health need. It could be lead in the water or heroin on the streets; it could be high incidents of asthma or diabetes,” Schweyer said. “This is a way to incentivize our business community to invest in the health and well-being of our neighborhoods without costing the taxpayers of our community one more dollar." The Neighborhood Assistance Program is administered through the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development and provides tax credits to encourage businesses to invest in projects which improve distressed areas. The programs include the Neighborhood Partnership Program, Special Program Priorities, Charitable Food Program and Enterprise Zone Program. Schweyer said his legislation would add more flexibility for each community to decide how to allocate those dollars. Read more


Schweyer votes for wine sales expansion, increased consumer convenience (with video)

(Jun 07, 2016)

HARRISBURG, June 7 – State Rep. Peter Schweyer, D-Lehigh, today voted for a bill that would modernize and expand retail sales of wine in Pennsylvania and would take other steps to increase consumer convenience. House Bill 1690 as amended by the Senate would allow wine to be sold in many more locations, including grocery stores that already sell beer, give more flexibility to the Liquor Control Board to set prices and store hours across the state, and permit direct shipment of wine by licensed producers to consumers at their homes. Schweyer said the legislation is expected to generate up to $150 million a year in new revenue for the commonwealth while protecting the overwhelming number of well-paying jobs in the community. "It’s not a perfect bill, but it is a compromise that reflects many months of negotiations," Schweyer said. "I was unsure how I would vote because I am worried about the loss of some jobs, not to mention the potentially negative impact on some small businesses, most notably beer distributors. "In the end, I have been assured that this is only the first of a number of bills that would modernize alcohol sales in Pennsylvania. As a member of the House Liquor Control Committee, I will be actively involved in the process of writing those changes." House Bill 1690 must be signed by the governor before becoming law. Read more


Schweyer supports bill expanding PACENET coverage for seniors

(Jun 06, 2016)

I voted in support of legislation today that would expand prescription drug coverage to over 32,000 older Pennsylvanians by increasing income eligibility guidelines for the PACENET program. House Bill 2069 would increase the annual maximum income limits in the PACENET program to $31,000 for a single person and to $41,000 for a married couple. Current maximum income requirements for the PACENET program, which covers those individuals with incomes exceeding PACE maximums, are $23,500 for a single individual and $31,500 for a married couple annually. The PACE and PACENET programs provide low-cost prescription drugs to nearly 282,000 Pennsylvanians 65 or older. Both programs are funded from Pennsylvania Lottery proceeds. It’s been 14 years since the PACENET income limits have been increased. By updating the income requirements, we can ensure access to affordable prescription drugs and help thousands of our friends and family members maintain their quality of life. House Bill 2069 now moves to the state Senate for consideration. Read more


Application deadline for Property Tax/Rent Rebate Program extended until Dec. 31

(Jun 06, 2016)

As anticipated, the deadline to file a 2015 Property Tax/Rent Rebate Program application has been extended from June 30 to Dec. 31, 2016 and my office is here to help! The Property Tax/Rent Rebate Program benefits eligible Pennsylvanians 65 and older, widows and widowers age 50 and older, and people with disabilities age 18 and older. The maximum standard rebate is $650, but supplemental rebates can boost rebates up to $975. My offices can help with the applications Please don’t assume you are not eligible. Half of Social Security income is discounted, and claimants are not disqualified from rebates solely because of Social Security cost-of-living-adjustments. Read more


Schweyer Welcomes Area Seniors

(May 24, 2016)

Pa. state Rep. Peter Schweyer held his annual senior fair at the East Side Youth Center in Allentown, giving local seniors a chance to learn more about the many government, volunteer, and non profit programs that are available to them. Read more


Schweyer Optimistic for Pa. Budget

(May 24, 2016)

Pa. state Rep. Peter Schweyer beginning of the process for the 2016-17 state budget, in light of the debacle of the previous year's budget process. Funding for the Allentown School District is Schweyer's top priority. Read more


McNeill hosts roundtable with Secretary Tennis on addiction and treatment

(May 19, 2016)

ALLENTOWN, May 19 – State Rep. Dan McNeill today hosted a roundtable discussion with Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs Secretary Gary Tennis on addiction and treatment services. "Addiction is a problem that is plaguing not only the Lehigh Valley but the entire state," McNeill said. "We must get a handle on this problem, and today’s roundtable at St. Luke’s continues the conversation we started at my town hall in February." McNeill, joined by state Reps. Mike Schlossberg and Peter Schweyer, said he requested this discussion to raise awareness of the human cost surrounding Pennsylvania’s rapidly growing drug problem. "We are in the midst of the worst ever overdose death epidemic and the worst public health crisis of the last 100 years," Tennis said. "Governor Tom Wolf has made addressing the epidemic a top priority, and the Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs has taken a lead role in helping keep Pennsylvanians alive and getting them into treatment and recovery." According to a study by the Pennsylvania Coroners and Medical Examiners, there were 2,488 drug-related deaths in 2014 with 85 of them in Lehigh County. "Pennsylvania unfortunately ranks among the top 10 states in per capita heroin and opioid deaths," Schlossberg said. "But discussions like the one hosted today by Representative McNeill are an important step in changing that reality. "What I heard today Read more


Schweyer invites constituents to free Senior Fair (with video)

(May 13, 2016)

ALLENTOWN, May 13 – State Rep. Peter Schweyer, D-Lehigh, will host a Senior Fair from 9 a.m. to noon Friday, May 20 at the East Side Youth Center, 1140 E. Clair St., 18109. Schweyer said he will co-host the event once again with state Reps. Mike Schlossberg, D-Lehigh, and Steve Samuelson, D-Northampton. "Our Senior Fair is a great opportunity for attendees to ask questions and get information on resources in their community all in one place," Schweyer said. "Last year’s event was very successful and by working with my two colleagues, we were able to reach many more seniors." Schweyer said the event will feature health and wellness screenings, informational talks and demonstrations, along with information about various state and federal programs. Light refreshments will be available. Registration is not necessary to attend the event, but Schweyer said constituents with any questions should contact his office at (610) 791-6270. Read more


Schweyer Fighting for Veterans' Health

(May 05, 2016)

Pa. state Rep. Peter Schweyer has introduced legislation that would help veterans returning from service who have physical or mental health issues receive the assistance they deserve in their transition to civilian life. Read more


Schweyer: Today We Helped Those in Need

(Apr 17, 2016)

Pa. state Rep. Peter Schweyer says now that Medical Marijuana is finally legal in Pennsylvania like it is in 23 other states people struggling with disabilities and chronic diseases will finally have legal access to the medicine they need. Read more


Schweyer: Helping those in need with Medical Marijuana

(Apr 13, 2016)

Pa. state Rep. Peter Schweyer speaks about the House’s passage of a medical marijuana bill Wednesday that will help deliver vital medicine to people who are suffering. The bill now goes to the governor to be signed into law. Read more


Schweyer votes to send medical marijuana bill to governor

(Apr 13, 2016)

HARRISBURG, April 13 – State Rep. Peter Schweyer said House concurrence of legislation ( S.B. 3 ) that would legalize the use of medical marijuana in Pennsylvania, would provide another treatment option for veterans, children and many other long-suffering Pennsylvanians. “Many parents and advocates have fought long and hard to make the legalization of medical marijuana a reality here in the commonwealth,” Schweyer said. “We are closer than ever for Pennsylvanians who are struggling to cope with a variety of debilitating illnesses to finally get this critical treatment option when nothing else will do. “The work that it took to get us to this point shows that Democrats and Republicans can work together to craft meaningful legislation that works for Pennsylvania. The final version of Senate Bill 3 is an excellent compromise that would ultimately allow patients and their doctors to make the best decisions about their health and well-being. "Since medical marijuana would not be covered by insurance, Senate Bill 3 includes a provision that would help those who have financial hardships to have access to this treatment,” Schweyer said. “This treatment would not be exclusively for people with means, but would be accessible to folks of all income levels based on need.” Last year, Schweyer was the only Lehigh Valley member to sit on a bipartisan task force that studied the issue and recommended changes to the Read more


House adopts Schweyer resolutions to raise awareness for protecting minors

(Apr 12, 2016)

HARRISBURG, April 12 – State Rep. Peter Schweyer, D-Lehigh, said he is pleased the House of Representatives adopted his two resolutions that designate April as the month to raise awareness about issues affecting Pennsylvania’s young people. House Resolution 697 designates April 2016 as Alcohol Awareness Month in Pennsylvania. “We are all aware of the dangers that minors face when they consume alcohol,” Schweyer said. “Adults have a significant role to play in preventing this behavior while as a society, we are responsible to remind our youth that consuming alcohol is a dangerous practice.” House Resolution 719 recognizes April 16 through 23, 2016, as National Infant Immunization Week in the state. “As a parent and a former health care executive, my wife and I have made sure that our children are fully immunized,” Schweyer said. “We encourage all parents to do the responsible thing when medically possible and vaccinate their children, too.” Read more


Schweyer to chair House Appropriations Subcommittee on Fiscal Policy

(Mar 22, 2016)

HARRISBURG, March 22 – State Rep. Peter Schweyer today announced that he has been named minority chairman of the Fiscal Policy Subcommittee within the House Appropriations Committee. “It’s an honor to have been selected by state Representative Joe Markosek to serve as chair of this important subcommittee,” Schweyer said. “I remain focused on getting the commonwealth’s fiscal house in order and producing a more balanced budget through my work on this subcommittee and on the Appropriations Committee.” Markosek, minority chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, said, “Representative Schweyer has proven to be a great asset to the influential Appropriations Committee. His local government experience and perspective will serve him well as chair of the Subcommittee on Fiscal Policy.” The Appropriations Committee considers fiscal-related matters and conducts budget hearings to review and evaluate the governor’s executive budget proposal. Schweyer also sits on the Aging and Older Adult Services, Consumer Affairs, Liquor Control, Urban Affairs, and Veterans’ Affairs and Emergency Preparedness committees. Read more


Schweyer Fights for Lead-Free Water

(Mar 22, 2016)

In the wake of the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, Pa. state Rep. Peter Schweyer discusses the importance of new legislation aimed at protecting Pennsylvanians from potential lead contamination from aging paint and water pipes. Read more