Schweyer responds to Penn State trustee news

(Apr 05, 2017)

HARRISBURG, April 5 – State Rep. Peter Schweyer, D-Lehigh, issued the following statement regarding today’s Penn State trustee news. Read more


Schweyer Pushes For Statute Of Limitations Reform

(Apr 03, 2017)

Pa. state Rep. Peter Schweyer spoke at a rally on the Capitol steps to highlight the long overdue need for reform of Pennsylvania’s laws affecting victims of childhood sexual abuse. Read more


April designated Alcohol Awareness Month

(Apr 03, 2017)

HARRISBURG, April 3 – The state House of Representatives today unanimously adopted a resolution designating April as Alcohol Awareness Month, according to lead sponsor Rep. Peter Schweyer. Read more


PSU alumni must take action

(Mar 31, 2017)

Next to my office telephone is a picture of my mother, father and me on my graduation day from Penn State. They were working-class people, neither of whom graduated from college. My dad was exhausted and using his cane that day because of the cancer that ultimately took his life. Yet he was still beaming with pride in that picture. In many ways that day’s ceremony was as important to them as it was for me. I think of that day often when I go back to University Park for football games or just to walk around campus with my family. And I think of that day every time I sing our alma mater at Beaver Stadium, especially the lyric: “May no act of ours bring shame.” Like many alumni (Schreyer Scholar, Class of 2000), I cannot sing that line at a football game without tearing up. In November of 2011 when the Pennsylvania attorney general indicted Jerry Sandusky on 40 counts of sex crimes, many alumni demanded the university and our Penn State community take action. Penn State needed to take responsibility for the victims and needed to make systemic changes to reduce the likelihood anything like this could ever happen again. The university and our community has largely taken these steps, demonstrating that we will take on even the most difficult issues head on. That is why we are all so shocked and appalled by the statement made by Al Lord of the PSU Board of Trustees. In case you missed it, he said to the Chronicle of Higher Education that he was Read more


Pa. House of Representatives adopted Schweyer's Transit Workers' Awareness Day in Pennsylvania

(Mar 21, 2017)

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives today adopted a resolution (H.R. 99) designating March 15 as Transit Workers’ Awareness Day in Pennsylvania. Schweyer informed colleagues that transit workers are part of the state’s infrastructure. Pennsylvanians from all 67 counties, whether rural or urban residents, rely on public transportation to get where they need to go. “Transit workers provide care to their passengers whether they are riding to work, school, a doctor’s appointment, the hospital or the store,” Schweyer said. “The backbone of the transit system is the transit workers who keep the system running safely and dependably.” Schweyer said mass transit also helps relieve traffic congestion and reduces the impact on the environment. He said transportation technology is constantly evolving, producing safer, cleaner running and more reliable vehicles. The Allentown legislator said transit workers are required to pursue vigorous and continuous training to keep up with technological changes and ensure riders who rely on these services get where they need to be. “These hard-working individuals are deserving of the recognition I give them today,” Schweyer said. Schweyer represents the 22 nd Legislative District. Read more


Schweyer: House adopts resolution for Brain Injury Awareness Month

(Mar 13, 2017)

State Rep. Peter Schweyer, D-Lehigh, today said the House adopted his resolution (H.R. 102) to designate March as Brain Injury Awareness Month in the commonwealth. “ Brain injuries greatly impact the lives of individuals who have experienced them, as well as their families and loved ones in ways that are nearly impossible to quantify. Bringing attention to these injuries, along with the measures people can take to avoid them, is very important,” Schweyer said. The Brain Inquiry Association of Pennsylvania reports that 245,621 people are living with a brain injury, with 25,975 Pennsylvania children having a brain injury each year. Additionally, 8,612 residents across the commonwealth sustain long-term or life-long disabilities from a brain injury. Additionally, the association reports that 49,505 people are seen in the emergency room each year following a brain injury, with an estimated 2,223 dying from their injury. “Pennsylvania is fortunate to have a number of first-class hospitals and rehabilitation centers that offer treatment and therapy to those who have suffered from traumatic brain injuries. This resolution is also meant to recognize the miraculous work that those professionals do every day,” Schweyer said. “We must continue ongoing research in brain injuries, as well as treatment and support for patients in recovery,” Schweyer said. Read more


Schweyer on Internet Access for Allentown

(Mar 06, 2017)

Pa. state Rep. Peter Schweyer asks how the Pa. Department of Education is helping areas like Allentown with internet access for low-income families. Read more


Schweyer: Allentown Schools a Budget Priority

(Feb 21, 2017)

As budget hearings get underway in Harrisburg, Pa. state Rep. Peter Schweyer is confident that this year's accurate revenue estimates will translate into increased funding for schools and social services in the Allentown area. Read more


Schweyer: Make Government Work Smarter In PA Budget

(Feb 07, 2017)

Pa. state Rep. Peter Schweyer says Governor Tom Wolf’s budget proposal is a common sense plan that makes smart choices to streamline government without cutting services or raising taxes. The next step is the House closely examining the plan in public hearings. Read more


Schweyer: #RaiseTheWage

(Jan 31, 2017)

Pa. state Rep. Peter Schweyer emphasizes the need to increase the state's minimum wage to grow the economy for all workers at a House Democratic Policy Committee hearing at the YWCA in Harrisburg. Read more


$1 million state grant benefits Building 21

(Jan 27, 2017)

ALLENTOWN, Jan. 27 – State Sen. Pat Browne and Reps. Mike Schlossberg and Peter Schweyer presented Allentown School District officials with a $1 million grant for Building 21 Allentown during a Friday news conference. Read more


Schweyer: Fund Our Unemployment Call Centers

(Jan 24, 2017)

At a rally in the Capitol rotunda, Pa. state Rep. Peter Schweyer urges his colleagues to pass legislation to fund the Unemployment Call Centers that help thousands of out-of-work Pennsylvanians get the benefits and assistance they need. With the December closure of the Allentown Unemployment Compensation Service Center, Schweyer is reintroducing legislation from last session to extend funding for one year for Act 34, the unemployment compensation system’s Service and Infrastructure Improvement Fund. Read more


Schweyer for unemployment funding

(Jan 20, 2017)

With the December closure of the Allentown Unemployment Compensation Service Center due to a funding dispute in Harrisburg, state Rep. Peter Schweyer is reintroducing legislation from last session to extend funding for one year for Act 34, the unemployment compensation system’s Service and Infrastructure Improvement Fund. “When the Allentown service center closed, 88 people lost their jobs,” Schweyer said. “Beyond that, there are thousands of out-of-work people who count on these service centers for help with benefits, training and assistance in finding new employment that were impacted.” Schweyer’s legislation would extend funding through 2017 and ensure that a transfer of up to $42.5 million would be used for operational purposes and up to $15 million to allow the start of technological upgrades to the benefits delivery system. “The House passed legislation last session that would have avoided the situation we’re in right now,” said Schweyer. “The House vote was 175 to 13, with overwhelming bipartisan support. However, it went nowhere in the Senate and our service center, along with those in Altoona and Lancaster, were forced to close as a result. Not only did those people lose their jobs, but it created additional strain on an overwhelmed system.” Schweyer plans to attend a noon rally at the state Capitol Rotunda on Monday, Jan. 23, organized by the Service Read more


Schweyer Office Ready to Help You

(Jan 17, 2017)

Pa. state Rep. Peter Schweyer invites you to stop by his Constituent Service Office in Allentown for help with all state- and government-related issues. The office is located at 1912 South 4th Street, Allentown, Pa. 18103 or by calling 610-791-6270. Read more


PennDOT project to improve pedestrian safety in Allentown

(Jan 12, 2017)

Residents will soon see pedestrian safety improvements at a high-volume intersection adjacent to the school district’s new public high school, according to state Reps. Peter Schweyer and Mike Schlossberg and Sen. Pat Browne. The project is part of a statewide initiative geared at enhancing communities across the commonwealth, tapping into $33 million in federal funds via the Transportation Alternatives Program. “Martin Luther King Boulevard is a gateway to the downtown arena, shops and restaurants. This project will give us the needed pedestrian safety improvements to allow residents and visitors alike to really explore all that the city of Allentown has to offer,” Schweyer said. “I am pleased to see that Allentown will receive funds from the Transportation Alternatives Program for public safety improvements,” Browne said. “This funding will allow for the completion of necessary safety improvements at a dangerous intersection with a heavy volume of pedestrian traffic, especially children as they make their way to-and-from the new high school.” One of 51 projects slated to provide enhancements or alternatives to the current transportation infrastructure statewide, the $297,274 in funding for Allentown will be used to make improvements to the connection point between the downtown and the city’s western park resources. “I am glad to see the safety improvements for this intersection Read more


Schweyer Fights for Schools and Jobs

(Jan 05, 2017)

As the 2017-18 House Session begins, Pa. state Rep. Peter Schweyer talks about his priorities which include properly funding education and creating a good environment for job growth in the Allentown area. Read more


Schweyer begins second term

(Jan 04, 2017)

State Rep. Peter Schweyer began his second term in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives on Tuesday, Jan. 3, where he will represent the 22nd Legislative District in the 2017-18 legislative session. Schweyer said his legislative priorities include increasing the minimum wage and supporting economic development, properly funding public schools, investing in pre-kindergarten programs and supporting affordable access to higher education. Additionally, Schweyer intends to introduce legislation that would address the closure of three unemployment compensation services centers in Allentown, Altoona and Lancaster and to also reintroduce legislation to begin funding programs aimed at combatting veterans’ suicide. The closures of the unemployment compensation services centers resulted in 88 job losses in his district, and impacted 500 workers statewide. “Born and raised in center-city Allentown, I look forward to continuing to represent the concerns and needs of my friends and neighbors,” Schweyer said. “Now, most especially, both sides of the aisle need to work together on the issues that matter most to everyone; not just in my district, but across the Commonwealth.” Schweyer invites Allentown residents to visit his webpage, , for information about constituent services. Residents also may follow Schweyer's updates via his legislative Facebook page, , Read more


Schweyer: We Need our UC Center

(Jan 04, 2017)

Pa. state Rep. Peter Schweyer talks about the unfortunate closing of the Allentown Unemployment Compensation Service Center due to a funding dispute in Harrisburg and its effect on area residents. Read more


License Your Dog in PA

(Dec 22, 2016)

All dogs three months or older must be licensed by Jan. 1 of each year. Violators can be cited with a maximum fine of $300 per violation plus court costs. An annual license is $8.50 and a lifetime license is $51.50. If the animal is spayed or neutered, the annual fee is $6.50 and lifetime is $31.50. Discounts are available to older adults and people with disabilities. The small license fee helps the millions of dogs in the state by funding the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement. Dog licenses are available from your local county treasurer and other licensing agents. Reasons for dog licensing: It’s the law. All dogs three months or older must have a current license. If your dog gets lost, a license is the best way to get him back. A license helps animal control and shelters identify your dog and get him back home safely. The cost of a license is less than the penalty for being caught without one. Owners who fail to license their dogs could face a fine of up to $300 for each unlicensed dog. License fees support animal control. The annual fee you pay to license your dog helps keep shelters running and supports the work of the Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement, which is responsible for ensuring the welfare of dogs, regulating dangerous dogs and overseeing annual licensing and rabies vaccinations. Read more


As Allentown’s unemployment center closes, Schweyer urges people to get the facts they need to preserve benefits

(Dec 19, 2016)

ALLENTOWN, Dec. 19 – With the Allentown Unemployment Compensation Service Center closing today due to a funding dispute in Harrisburg, state Rep. Peter Schweyer is urging people affected to get as much information as possible to maintain benefits. Read more