Lawmakers Propose 4-Day Work Week Legislation

(Feb 28, 2023)

The lawmakers, including Rep. Siegel, propose that “We need to do more to provide options for workers and their employers." Read more


Siegel: How to fix the broken political system in Harrisburg and Washington

(Feb 02, 2023)

I’m committed to working with anyone committed to building a Pennsylvania where everyone belongs, everyone matters, and everyone has an equal opportunity regardless of party. Read more


Conservation, Substance Abuse Education, and Act 13 Funding Opportunities

(Feb 01, 2023)

Here are some of the latest state programs now open for applications. Read more


Get to know your lawmaker: We asked Harrisburg newbies rapid-fire questions to quickly get acquainted

(Jan 19, 2023)

Josh Siegel: I think one of the most pressing issues facing voters in Pennsylvania is the cost of housing, which is two-fold; for seniors, it's the rising tide of property taxes and for those in the workforce, it's the cost of rent or availability of affordable starter homes. Read more


Schlossberg, Schweyer, Siegel comment on Browne appointment

(Jan 12, 2023)

“The people of Allentown, the Lehigh Valley and Pennsylvania will all benefit from Gov.-elect Shapiro's appointment of former Senator Browne." Read more


Rep. Siegel's 2023 Capitol Scenes Calendar

(Jan 11, 2023)

There’s a digital calendar available featuring scenes from the state Capitol throughout the year. Read more


Siegel begins first term in PA House of Representatives

(Jan 03, 2023)

HARRISBURG, Jan. 3 – State Rep. Josh Siegel today was sworn into his first term serving the 22nd Legislative District. The noon ceremony marked the beginning of the 2023-24 session of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. “It is an honor that the residents of the city of Allentown have given me this opportunity to be their voice and represent them in Harrisburg and I am eager to work on their behalf,” said Siegel, D-Lehigh. “As this new session gets underway, it presents not only new challenges, but also a chance for meaningful changes for hardworking Pennsylvanians and their families, and I look forward to coming to the table to make the commonwealth better.” Siegel’s legislative priorities include addressing the crisis of affordability afflicting Pennsylvania families by working to lower their everyday fixed costs, economic and cultural development to strengthen and grow Pennsylvania’s economy, supporting the rights of workers to unionize, increasing funding for public education, protecting and expanding access to reproductive health care, promoting justice and equity for LGTBQ community, and protecting and strengthening our democracy. Siegel has a B.S. in international relations from Seton Hall University. In his first term, Siegel joins 25 other new members from across the state, the largest class of incoming legislators to the House Democratic Caucus in more than 15 years. Read more


Josh Siegel: Midterms showed voters wanted governance not gridlock

(Dec 12, 2022)

For months, political prognosticators and pundits predicted the usual sort of electoral gloom for Democrats. The U.S House was certain to be lost, the Senate potentially falling as well, with Republicans flipping Nevada and maybe even New Hampshire. Similarly, Democrats were headed for electoral routs at the state level, with Wisconsin likely to deliver a Republican trifecta in Madison. Read more


McClinton applauds, welcomes newest members to House Democratic Caucus

(Dec 08, 2022)

“In January, the House Democratic Caucus will proudly swear in the largest and most diverse class of freshmen legislators in over a decade,” said McClinton, D-Phila./Delaware. Read more


Career/Technical Training, School Safety and Security, and Arts and Culture Funding Opportunities

(Dec 05, 2022)

Here are some of the latest state programs now open for applications. Read more


Get quality health coverage at a low cost through Pennie

(Dec 03, 2022)

Pennsylvanians can enroll in 2023 health insurance coverage through Pennie now until Jan. 15, 2023. Last year, many Pennsylvanians enrolled in health insurance through a Pennie plan and paid lower monthly premiums due to premium subsidies included in the American Rescue Plan Act. The recently passed Inflation Reduction Act extended these subsidies until Jan. 1, 2026. Visit or the Pennie Customer Service Call Center at 1-844-844-8040. Read more


Need help heating your home? Apply to LIHEAP this winter.

(Dec 03, 2022)

Pennsylvanians in need of energy assistance are encouraged to apply to the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) for 2022-2023 winter heating season. To see if you qualify, view the table via the link above, and click here to apply online using COMPASS. A paper application can also be found here . Everyone should be able to keep warm during the coldest months of the year, and LIHEAP is a true security blanket for those who are in need. Read more


PA Treasury could be holding your unclaimed property

(Dec 03, 2022)

Each year, the Pennsylvania Treasury receives millions of dollars of unclaimed property. It is estimated that roughly one in 10 Pennsylvanians has unclaimed property. Unclaimed property may include: Closed bank accounts Uncashed checks, including paychecks Lost stocks and bonds Contents of safe deposit boxes Proceeds from the demutualization of insurance companies Expired gift cards/gift certificates To find out if you have unclaimed property, search your name in the Unclaimed Property database at or call 1-800-222-2046. There is NO CHARGE to claim your unclaimed property. Read more


PennDOT is hiring for winter maintenance

(Dec 03, 2022)

PennDOT is currently hiring employees for the Winter Maintenance Program. Employees hired for the Winter Maintenance Program are critical to a safe winter season, and these temporary opportunities are an excellent pathway to a permanent career with PennDOT. For more information on how to apply, click here . Read more