District Deliberations: January 2024 Edition

(Jan 17, 2024)

Hi Folks,We hope this January edition of District Deliberations finds you all doing well and enjoying the start of a new year. Plato stated long ago, “The beginning is the most important part of the work.” With that said, we look to a new year with new goals on how best we can improve the lives of our fellow citizens. Read more


Pielli announces $570,000 in nature and recreation grants

(Jan 16, 2024)

“We are truly fortunate to have such natural beauty in West Chester,” Pielli said. It’s our responsibility to protect and preserve our natural surroundings in the 156th Legislative District. I am very glad that this funding is going toward our local stakeholders who tirelessly maintain and preserve our wonderful parks, trails, and streams.” Read more


Pielli presents $25,000 check to West Chester Area Senior Center

(Dec 20, 2023)

“These days, everyone’s lives are tied to the internet in some way, shape, or form,” Pielli said. “Outdated equipment can make our everyday access to the internet frustrating and sometimes impossible. That’s why I am glad to see these state funds upgrade the equipment at this computer lab to help these seniors access all the resources they may need online.” Read more


District Deliberations: December Edition

(Dec 20, 2023)

Hi Folks, We hope this December edition of District Deliberations finds you all doing well. As we enter the Holiday season and draw upon a very productive year, we look back on our achievements and remind everyone what remains to be done before the New Year. Read more


Pielli announces Small Water and Sewer, H2O PA Program grants

(Dec 19, 2023)

“I’m glad to join state Senator Carolyn Comitta in supporting this funding to improve water infrastructure within our legislative districts,” Pielli said. “Negligence of our storm drains and sewers can have catastrophic consequences. These grants will help rehabilitate and improve our stormwater and sewer systems, giving peace of mind to all in our community.” Read more


Pielli announces arts and culture grants awarded to local organizations

(Dec 19, 2023)

“Chester County has such a vibrant community because of our many arts programs,” Pielli said. “The financial consequences of COVID-19 are far reaching, and the long closures our arts programs went through had the potential to be devastating. I am happy to work with state Senator Carolyn Comitta and the commonwealth for delivering this funding to keep the arts alive and well in Chester County and all of Pennsylvania.” Read more


Pielli's Battle of the Bulge resolution adopted by House

(Dec 13, 2023)

“Without the courage of and sacrifice of Pennsylvania troops, in particular our own 28th Infantry Division, the history of this battle and the war might have been told very differently,” Pielli, an Army veteran said. “I’m proud to have passed this legislation with the help of my colleagues in the state House. Because of their support, we can highlight the heroism of Pennsylvania’s 28th Division units toward this crucial effort and will enable the DMVA to start preparing for commemorating the 80th anniversary of Pennsylvania's tremendous contribution to this historic battle.” Read more


Pielli’s wiretap bill heads to governor’s desk

(Dec 13, 2023)

“Renewing and improving the wiretap act is an extremely important crimefighting measure.” Pielli said. “I thank my colleagues in the legislature who helped pass this bill quickly to ensure that this crucial law continues to aid our law enforcement authorities.” Read more


Pielli presents $25,000 check to support Justice Rain Inc.

(Dec 04, 2023)

“This is state government at work helping neighbors who are trying to help themselves and lead productive lives within our community.” Pielli said. “Organizations that help others, especially at the local level, need all the support they can get. I am proud to have Justice Rain Inc. right here in West Chester to provide a wide range of services to the people of Chester County.” Read more


State Rep. Pielli attends naturalization ceremony

(Nov 21, 2023)

State Rep. Chris Pielli, D-Chester, was proud to congratulate 24 new United States citizens on Friday, Nov. 17. Read more


Fall 2023 Newsletter

(Nov 16, 2023)

Read more


District Deliberations: November Edition

(Nov 15, 2023)

Hi Folks, I hope you’ve been enjoying this colorful fall season here in beautiful West Chester. This is a great time to get outdoors and take advantage of our many parks and trails. Read more


District Deliberations: October Edition

(Oct 17, 2023)

Hi Folks, Welcome to our October edition of District Deliberations. The great American author, F. Scott Fitzgerald once said, “"Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall." Read more


Pielli' wiretap bill passes PA House

(Oct 17, 2023)

“Since its enactment, the Pennsylvania Wiretap Act and subsequent amendments have enabled prosecutors to obtain critical evidence for cases,” Pielli said. “As a former attorney and correctional officer, I understand the benefits of utilizing this comprehensive statutory scheme. In an era of increasingly complex communications, this bill will provide the necessary guard rails of judicial oversight for both the accused and accuser.” Read more


Appointment to Veterans Affairs and Emergency Preparedness Committee

(Oct 06, 2023)

I'm honored to be appointed to the House Veteran's Affairs and Emergency Preparedness Committee. As a US Army Veteran, it will be my pleasure to serve in this position and provide support to veterans and emergency personnel across the commonwealth! Read more


District Deliberations: September Edition

(Sep 15, 2023)

Hi folks, to say that we’ve had quite a month since our last edition would be a severe understatement as we found ourselves facing unforeseen challenges with the escape of a convicted killer who remained on the loose for two weeks. Read more


Pielli to host gun violence town hall Sept. 21

(Aug 31, 2023)

“Sadly, these days when we send our kids back to school, we now have the underlying fear that they may become the victims of gun violence,” Pielli said. “Students and their families already have enough to worry about on a daily basis. There’s no reason a student in America should have to prepare for the all-too-real threat of a school shooter. I look forward to partnering with our community leaders for an open and honest discussion with the people of West Chester on how we can keep our kids safe and keep guns out of our schools.” Read more


District Deliberations: August Edition

(Aug 09, 2023)

Hi Folks,We hope this email finds you all doing well during these long, hot summer days. We welcome you to our new monthly email of “District Deliberations” with our August edition. Read more


E-Blast: Legislative Recap

(Jul 14, 2023)

Hi folks, I hope you have all been enjoying your summer so far! During these past six months the PA House has been extremely busy passing over 150 bills with the same goal of improving the lives of all Pennsylvanians. I wanted to highlight some of the great bills we've passed that are still awaiting further action in the Republican-led State Senate. Read more


Bill changing corporate reporting timelines passes Pennsylvania House of Representatives

(Jun 30, 2023)

"This simple change will help streamline processing, reduce confusion and ensure that all entities doing business in Pennsylvania are given the time to adjust to new reporting requirements. By doing so, we ensure a more business-friendly Pennsylvania. This change would also be consistent with Governor Shapiro’s initiative to create a friendlier, smarter and more efficient business environment for the benefit of our economy." Read more