Ciresi legislation aims to improve PA students’ living standards

HARRISBURG, Aug. 11 – State Rep. Joe Ciresi, D-Montgomery, has introduced a bill that would require the Pennsylvania Department of Education to create a student tenant bill of rights and a one-time online course about living off campus.

Introduced as H.B. 2761, this legislation aims to improve the living standards of students across the commonwealth.

“A student’s first off-campus apartment is an exciting and crucial step in his or her growth, but most student tenants are unaware of their rights as tenants or what to do if they experience an unsafe condition in their apartment,” Ciresi said. “This leads too many of our young people living in unsafe conditions or being treated unfairly by landlords.”

The one-time online course would educate students on their rights and how to handle unsafe conditions, Ciresi said, adding that all colleges and universities would distribute the materials to students and ensure that they view the online course.

“Establishing these standards will ensure that Pennsylvania students can focus on their education and not have to worry about dangerous wiring or leaking pipes in their apartment,” Ciresi said.

House Bill 2761 was referred to the House Education Committee for further review after its official introduction.

More information about this bill is available by contacting Ciresi’s office at 484-200-8265.