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(Jun 16, 2021)

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Property Tax/Rent Rebate Deadline extended to 12/31; Office Closed Friday, June 18th

(Jun 16, 2021)

Property Tax/Rent Rebate Deadline extended to 12/31; Office Closed Friday, June 18th Read more


Property Tax/Rent Rebate Deadline extended to 12/31; Office Closed on Friday, June 18th

(Jun 16, 2021)

Property Tax/Rent Rebate Deadline extended to 12/31; Office Closed on Friday, June 18th Read more


Bucks County lawmakers announce $870K in funding

(Jun 16, 2021)

“The economic impact of the pandemic hit our communities like a body slam, knocking many families off their feet financially, leaving them in some cases homeless,” Rep. Davis said. Read more


New UC System Launches TODAY, June 8

(Jun 08, 2021)

New UC System Launches TODAY, June 8 Read more


Unemployment Benefit Work Search Requirement Restarts in July

(Jun 04, 2021)

Unemployment Benefit Work Search Requirement Restarts in July Read more


Bullock, Davis take a stand against solitary confinement for vulnerable populations

(Jun 03, 2021)

HARRISBURG, June 3 — State Reps. Donna Bullock, D-Phila., and Tina Davis, D-Bucks, were joined by state Sen. John Kane, D-Delaware/Chester, at a news conference Wednesday at Eastern State Penitentiary supporting legislation that would prohibit solitary confinement for vulnerable populations. There are over 47,000 inmates in Pennsylvania’s corrections system. One method of discipline is solitary confinement in which inmates are deprived of normal human interaction and any form of intellectual stimulation, such as reading materials. Solitary confinement has been found to induce hallucinations, depression, anxiety, and paranoia, and its impact can be devastating on inmates’ long-term psychological and emotional well-being. House Bill 1037 would prohibit using solitary confinement on: pregnant or postpartum women. women who have recently suffered a miscarriage or terminated a pregnancy. LGBTQ individuals. inmates with certain mental, intellectual, or developmental disabilities. inmates 21 and younger or 55 and older. The bill would also prohibit the use of restraint chairs, chemical agents, and shackles, as well as put an absolute cap on the use of solitary confinement for all inmates at 15 days. “Solitary confinement started at Eastern State Penitentiary in 1829 as an experiment in rehabilitation and prison reform thought to bring out the best in Read more



(May 27, 2021)

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(May 27, 2021)

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vegetable voucher

(May 27, 2021)

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My most important bill: Dignity for Incarcerated Women

(May 27, 2021)

My most important bill: Dignity for Incarcerated Women Read more


Cephas, Davis, Jones, Mizgorski unveil Dignity for Incarcerated Women Act

(May 26, 2021)

HARRISBURG, May 26 – State Rep. Morgan Cephas, D-Phila., along with state Reps. Tina Davis, D-Bucks; Mike Jones, R-York; and Lori A. Mizgorski, R-Allegheny, hosted a news conference today to unveil the Dignity for Incarceration Act, bipartisan legislation that aims to make comprehensive reforms to how women and femme-identifying people are treated in correctional institutions. “When we talk about the health and well-being of women, we mean all women and femme-identifying individuals including incarcerated women,” Cephas said. “We stand alongside one another today to send a message to our colleagues that dignity for incarcerated women transcends county and party lines and is an issue the state legislature should get behind. Our mothers, daughters and sisters deserve to be treated with dignity and respect and should not be forced to face inhumane treatment such as being shackled while giving birth or being denied necessary feminine hygiene or incontinence products. We must codify current state policy and enact this legislation to help prevent further mental and physical health implications for all of Pennsylvania’s incarcerated women, their children and families.” Over the span of three decades Pennsylvania has seen a significant increase in the number of incarcerated women, and the DFIW Act bill would provide well-vetted provisions at both the state and county level, with necessary oversight from children and youth services. Read more


Lawmakers Introduce Legislation to Support Incarcerated Women

(May 26, 2021)

HARRISBURG, May 26 – Reps. Mike Jones (R-York) and Lori Mizgorski (R-Allegheny) have introduced legislation with Reps. Morgan Cephas (D-Philadelphia) and Tina Davis (D-Bucks) that aims to support incarcerated women. Pennsylvania has seen a significant increase in the number of incarcerated women in recent years. “This issue transcends partisanship and politics,” said Jones. “While these women need to serve their time like anyone else, they remain mothers, wives, sisters and daughters, and we should treat them with the same dignity we would our own.” Through extensive consultation and collaboration with the Department of Corrections, county wardens, corrections officers, various interest groups and subject matter experts, a list of best practices was developed that would benefit incarcerated women, their children and their families. Many of these practices are already in use—this legislation would formalize them in statute. “Women have unique needs and we must ensure that those needs are met for women who are incarcerated,” said Mizgorski. “Every woman deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.” This bill would provide for the following well-vetted provisions at both the state and county level, with necessary oversight from children and youth services, and limited exceptions where extenuating circumstances and/or capacity constraints prevent safe practice and enforcement. With common-sense Read more


On the Road with the PA Rescue Plan

(May 12, 2021)

On the Road with the PA Rescue Plan Read more


PA Rescue Plan, $1.7 billion investment in workers’ focus of House Democratic leaders’ rally in State College Wednesday

(May 11, 2021)

STATE COLLEGE, May 11 – The workers who have been hit hardest by the pandemic need support. The PA House Democratic leadership team is hosting a rally Wednesday to make the case for workers’ rights to a fair wage, hazard pay and paid family and sick leave and how the PA Rescue plan would do just that. The rally will be held at 1 p.m. Wednesday, May 12 at The Borough Building, 243 S. Allen St., State College . The media is encouraged to attend. The PA Rescue Plan includes more than $1.5 billion for job training, hazard pay, wage boosts for direct-care workers and job creation efforts to kickstart the economy in communities across the state. The PRP aims to ensure federal American Rescue Plan funding is invested for immediate impact and long-term success. Additional information about the plan is available at www.pahouse.com/parescueplan . Read more


House Democrats touring the state to talk with the people about the Pennsylvania Rescue Plan

(May 05, 2021)

HARRISBURG, May 5 – After weeks of gathering public support for the Pennsylvania Rescue Plan to invest federal dollars to do the most good for working families, the House Democratic Leadership team released the following statement on the next steps to discuss the plan and how it would help us recover, restore and reimagine a better future coming back from COVID-19. “Next week more than $7 billion is coming to the Keystone State as part of the American Rescue Plan, and we have to make sure that money is invested properly, not hidden away in a government vault for a rainy day – because it’s hard to imagine a storm that could hit harder than COVID-19. People need help now. “As USA TODAY network coverage noted, House Democrats have a plan that helps schools, workers, businesses, families, renters, landlords and more while Republicans have no plan to distribute the funds. We urge the majority party to get on board and do the right thing for people everywhere. “We’ve received an overwhelming response to the PA Rescue Plan so far, and next week we’ll be taking the plan to the people with a statewide tour – starting Monday in Philadelphia and Reading talking about investing in infrastructure and rebuilding our downtowns, continuing Tuesday in Pittsburgh and Erie discussing housing, Wednesday in Harrisburg and State College talking worker pay, and finishing up on Thursday in Scranton and Allentown to discuss helping Read more


Rep. Tina Davis: The Pa Rescue Plan protects our seniors

(May 03, 2021)

You shouldn’t have to work until you die. You should know there will come a time where you can take off those work shoes – boots, heels, sneakers or whatever – and put your feet up for a well-earned break. But, in today’s America, only about two-thirds of workers have access to any kind of a retirement plan. In today’s America only half of workers have access to nothing but 401(k) plans. The Pennsylvanian who invented the 401(k) created them to supplement a pension, not be a retired worker’s only support beyond Social Security. Except almost nobody has a pension anymore – just a 401(k) account that doesn’t seem to get any bigger while billionaires get richer every day. So, instead of retirement we see what are supposed to be “heartwarming” stories about people who should be taking a well-deserved rest forced back on the job, a 79-year-old and a 19-year-old wearing the same uniform and sharing a shift. Or we hear stories about seniors cutting pills in half to stretch their supply, and seniors forced to sell their homes because they can’t afford their property taxes, or because they need health care. It’s not right. We need to do better. The Pa Rescue Plan would help. Pennsylvania is getting billions of dollars from the federal government. This money isn’t supposed to be hidden away for a rainy day. COVID-19 is the worst “storm” we’ve faced in more than a century, and Read more


Bucks County opening COVID vaccine clinics to walk-ins starting Wednesday, 4/28

(Apr 29, 2021)

Bucks County opening COVID vaccine clinics to walk-ins starting Wednesday, 4/28 Read more


Shuttered Venue Operators Grant portal reopens Saturday, April 24th

(Apr 23, 2021)

The U.S. Small Business Administration has announced that the Shuttered Venue Operators Grant application portal will reopen on Saturday, April 24. Updated documents and guidance will be available today (Friday, April 23rd) by clicking here . This is a grant program established by the Economic Aid to Hard-Hit Small Businesses, Nonprofits, and Venues Act, and amended by the American Rescue Plan Act. The program includes over $16 billion in grants to shuttered venues, and is administered by SBA’s Office of Disaster Assistance. Eligible applicants may qualify for grants equal to 45% of their gross earned revenue , with the maximum amount available for a single grant award of $10 million. $2 billion is reserved for eligible applications with up to 50 full-time employees. Eligible entities include: Live venue operators or promoters. Theatrical producers. Live performing arts organization operators. Museum operators. Motion picture theater operators (including owners). Talent representatives. Other requirements of note: Must have been in operation as of February 29, 2020. Venue or promoter who received a PPP loan on or after December 27, 2020, will have the SVOG reduced by the PPP loan amount. Read more